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Brain injury and TV programmes

Yet another missed opportunity.

This time a medical drama, Holby City. Shot in the head and we are seeing miraculous recovery.

I do understand that each and every recovery is different, but these really stretch the boundaries of believability.

And in my opinion it gives false expectations.

Really, a couple of coughs and the breathing tube is out and trying, and managing to communicate.

My husband and I were astounded and saddened, I tell you what if he’s back as a surgeon, which I’m sure he will be, Nik Griffins brain tumour never stopped him!, I wouldn’t want him anywhere near me!!!

I even wrote to POV after the dramatic programme aired saying I hoped they wouldn’t show unrealistic recoveries, I suppose the scripts had already been written, performances maybe even filmed.

Ah well, if only life were really like that.

It must be me but I even find 24 hours in A&E a little bit too edited, I like to see realistic life that prepares you for the real thing. Fiction is for escapism.

Janet xx

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I concur 100% I've been saying exactly the same thing about soap operas for years. Up after a day, conducting endless affairs a week later and working 80 hour weeks. Oh, and getting pi55ed as a hammock

If only...


hi Andy,

new walking shoes being bought this week:-)



Oooooh! Tis exciting! :)


I’ve even got the family excited about this too, they’re all sure I can do this😀


I've never seen 'Holby City' Janet but I agree wholeheartedly on this subject.

An actual dramatisation of the events & results of a single real-life brain injury case, whether resulting from trauma or illness, would be more gripping and fulfilling than any of these badly conceived stories of survivors 'bouncing back' to normal lives.

Yes it's fiction to satisfy an apparent appetite of the masses for 'edge-of-seat' drama. But if disabling a character with brain injury is a problem then the subject should simply be avoided ...........................there are many other areas of the body which CAN withstand injury and recover. xx

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Was the same on Coronation Street when KenBarlow had a Stroke a while back.



Hi Eileen, I’m afraid I’m a sucker for Holby and Casualty, you do have to suspend belief, nurses and doctors never behaved like that when I was in hospital, in fact you definitely see more health care assistants when in hospital.

Just disappointed again I guess, when we know just what the issues are it’d be nice for them to convey some of them, even the length of time it can take to see the smallest of improvements.

I should be grateful for how well I’ve done, it’s just the effort of everyday living, particularly in the winter, after all, I’m better now aren’t I!

Gradually recovering from a very hectic Xmas, Jenny has just recovered from yet another bout of pneumonia, but rallying well now. We’re looking forward to the Spring with gusto this year. We’re going to grasp it with both hands!!

Just had my monthly acupuncture, wish I could afford it every week, I’m sure it helps, either that or I have a very suggestible personality, either way I’m feeling much brighter today.

Speak again soon

Janet x

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Oh good grief Janet, please pass on my best wishes to Jenny ; she's been so brave but had so many knock-backs. I know some intellectuals insist that life 'Is what it is' and can't be labelled unfair, but it's pretty damned unfathomable why some people are overloaded with repeated challenges.

I really empathise with the desire for more therapy ; I've hidden myself away mostly over the past couple of weeks. But I do know the dark, damp weather plays a big role in bringing many of of down. (Just want to Fast-forward to Spring !) 😐

Take care m'love.............. E xx


I've found that a lot of stories on soaps etc aren't exactly true to life. In Emmerdale Cain dingle had an aneurysm and he was all sorted with in 10 days. Never had a problem since, no headaches no nothing. If only real life didn't hurt so much. Sensing much love xx

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My wife who watches far more tv than me, does find it irritating happens in stuff like Lewis and so on.

I guess it is entertainment rather than educational, but still mildly annoying.

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I watched this and I did find myself holding my hands out and turning them palm up when Valentine was asked to do so 😂


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