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Burning brain

Good morning to you all.just want to say thank u for being er 4 me .Hillnes is a very lonely Rd. And b4 I come on er be level me I gave up I was planing my funrle. We're the shit doctors stop my antidepressants. Then stop again bloody he'll I ended up in mental hospital. 3days.god I new I wasn't like them in there but I needed help wiv my medication. After that I ad lot more help .I'll never get rid of burning braine coz I've ad it 6yrs .but I will find out wat wrong and you I get the burning brain.but for now I'm pain 3.just need keep running on me treadmill. Keep well u lot .never give up .we're all er for each over 😊😊🖒🖒

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Hi again Candy. I hope the vitamins and increase of meds are still helping ; glad to hear you're feeling more positive m'dear. Take care , Cat x


Hallo cat .yer lot better still sor side head but God it's lot better .hope u OK have a lovely day .xxx


;-) xx


Dear Candy,

So glad to hear that you are using your treadmill. Exercise generally helps every condition AND our emotions around them. It is hopeful to see from your past posts that you do get some relief from the vitamins and medications. I hope that that stabilizes you so that you can have a good platform on which to build yourself up with healthy food, your exercise and things that affect your whole system, like meditation and yoga.

You are clearly very motivated, having sought and gotten many different jobs. I know you had to leave some of them because of the fatigue, but I congratulate you for continuing to get out there and try again!

Wishing you a day of peace and warmth with your husband.



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