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Driving Assessment

Hello everyone, jules here

Hope you are all OK ish.

I have been very tired, i had the O/T appointment on Wednesday just gone, Thursday (as you know) the driving assessment and this morning i had my usual appointment at Walkergate hospital.

I said i would update you on what happened at the assessment once i had revived.

My husband said he was passing the floors at the center waiting for the driving assessment to finish (like an expectant father!) and made my day by producing a bunch of roses in the car as we wen home. My mum even phoned from Gambia. What with all of you behind me too i couldn't fail really could i.

Anyway the assessment:

It was very long - over 3 hours (45 mins actually driving).

There were 2 people, the Assessor and a female O/T. Both lovely with me. My husband was allowed in the room to support me, but not the car.

The first bit was talking about what was going to happen during the driving, the lady O/T would be in the back taking notes and the assessor with me in the front.

There was a lengthy conversation about what injuries i had with my crash - it was very difficult trying to stay focused on how i was going to drive well with this discussion first - the crash kept pinging into my brain. I had a few tears in my eyes but i dont think anyone noticed.

There (next i think) was a physical. It involved testing to see any stiffness/restriction with stretching my arms and legs and a test done to see how strong and flexible my ankles and legs were. She did refer to the curvature of my back and asked how it affected me. They already knew what drugs i was on but didn't seem too concerned, so i was happy with that.Then i was taken outside to read a car number plate.

Next there was what i think you would call a cognitive test. Its was joining numbers and letters together with a line and a maths question, very simple subtraction in the head, which i couldn't do. 'rabbit in the headlight' fear i think you call it !

I think that was it, took about 2 hours but i was allowed breaks whenever i asked for them.

Then to the drive itself - it was something like a little ford thing (not good with car makes) and it was manual (with dual controls for safety). hey watched how i got in/out. I spend about 15 mins driving around a purpose build test track getting used to the cars clutch and breaks - did a few hill starts. We did an emergency stop.

On the open road we went mainly on small roads in built up areas but also a link road to the dual carriageway. I had to give it 110% concentration, but it was so difficult with listening and waiting for the assessors instructions and knowing i had someone in the back also.

We pulled back into the assessment center and i did 2 reverse parks (not very well).

That was it finished - i went to the assessment room and waited for them to come back with their decision after they had chatted about me. As you know, the said they would pass me and they thought the DVLA would agree as they usually do.

They did say they recommend i had a couple of lessons before i go out thou. Which i will but just with my husband. Apparently the DVLA confirmation letter will take about 3 weeks and i cant drive until then.

One of the things that i cant put right is my licence will be different when i get it: because i took my test way back in 88/89 i will no longer be automatically entitled to drive a large truck or a tricycle - those numbers will no longer appear on my licence. I dont know, is that because drivers taking tests these days are not automatically entitled now ? Doesn't seem fair at the moment as i used to love driving tractors.

I hope this (very long) post helps someone else, like you helped me get through it myself.

Much love



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Congratulation Jules. One hurdle out of the way!

Jan x

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Not surprised you were exhausted Jules ; your level of concentration must've required great discipline. But well done for keeping your nerve and seeing it through.

What a lovely man you've got there missus..........complete with roses !

I can see a new, more confident Jules emerging ; looks like it might be your time to shine again m'dear. xxx


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