Obsessed since 13

So I dont know where to post these, I only thought I would post it hear because it started happening after my head injury and has never left.

I have an obsession of looking at guys in bands that I like, when I was 13 its was all about looking at photos at Charlie from Busted and as Ive gotten older its been looking at photos of men in rock bands and if I dont have a photo up I feel naked, I have one on my pc screen and one up on my phone and the one on my phone has burned into the screen and I dont know if its got anything to do with companionship

Does anyone have any advice?

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I don't really have a proper answer here.. But I'm sure lots of young girls/women like to look at good looking musicians..?

I'm sure my answer isn't going to answer your question.. But maybe it's not as odd as you think..?


Im now 29 Ive been doing nearly every single day since I was 13 which is why I think its a ocd thingy?


It might well be to do with companionship, but it doesn't sound odd or strange to me, whatever your age. People get obsessed with all sorts of things, and this sounds quite a way from an obsession.

I'm not an expert, but I think ocd is a bit more involved than that. If it's combined with, for example, washing your hands ten times every time you touch a door handle, then it could be to do with ocd, but if it's just that, I doubt it.

Perhaps you should just stop worrying about it and treat is as something you like to do. It may well become less important to you over time, especially if you start going out with someone.


I did this even when having partners and they got very jealous (naturally)


I think Dr. Phil says you should replace the unwanted with something else because a void won't do. If you want to change the behavior perhaps switch out pictures of nature, cute animals, inspiring sayings, etc. If you can't do it indefinitely, then tell yourself for a day or half a day you will try it and gradually increase the amount of time. Seems like it would follow the same sort of process as eating healthier or starting an exercise routine. Just a thought.

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that's a good idea


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