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Hi everyone, I've never wrote on a forum before but feel quite ..... sad!

So here's my story (I'll try and keep it short😂) I have a very long and strong family history of cerebral anyeurysms and ruptures-my dad suffering 2 leaving him with disabilities and my cousin sadly passing last year from his second. I have 4 aunts/uncles who also have them or have passed from them.

In 2009 I had a coiling which went 'well' and I was discharged from outpatients 5 years later-standard.

However from September 2016 I am back again under the same team for what I have been told 'may be' a second anyeurysm in the same artery and today at an out patient app that there is a second problem which was found following my ct angiogram with my original coiling to do with compacted coils and this will need further treatment. But I'm left unsure what that 'problem' is.

I don't really know what I want to ask or write on here but I just feel scared and a little in limbo whilst I await a further scan and I know this is trivial compared to others but I know the devastating impact this can have.

Has anyone else got experience with compacted coils and second anyeurysms?

Thanks in advance x

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Welcome mrssutton.

I don't have experience of coils but would suggest you ring the Headway helpline tomorrow. On the right hand side of the page you will see pinned posts and all the details are there.

I'm sure they will be helpful.

I know that quite a few forum members do have coils and I'm sure you will hear from some of them soon.

Love n hugs


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Hi Mrs S. I had a coil fitted 5 years ago but (touch wood) have no complications that I'm aware of. I've read a few articles about re-coiling which declare the procedure to be low risk compared to the original procedure.

Please follow Random's advice and ask Headway for some printed information on the subject. The helpline no is 0808 800 2244 (free calls office hours) so talk to them tomorrow before they close for the weekend.

All best wishes m'dear ; please stay in touch. Cat x

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