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All ideas welcome-Celebration

Good Morning

I have woken very early this morning -5.30 and have spent the last hour and a half reading through posts on this site - wonderful so much support and genuine concern for others.

A random thought passed through my brain - to celebrate the anniversary of the day I became the new me. Maybe celebrate is too generous a word, perhaps it should be remember, but either way since that fateful day I was almost reborn into a different person.

Why would I do this? I think it is because I don't think I can move on with my life untiI I accept this is me now, who I am and I am getting tired of wishing I was the person I used to be.

If I am honest I quite liked the old me. The one who could juggle umpteen things at once, who had the very precious luxury of exceptional memory recall and retention (that part of me is yesterday's news and very definitely binned), the lady who could be relied upon to do the things she said she would ( no chance - more like don't ask Clare to do it ). I think you might get the general picture. Yes it is indeed a fact I am mourning the old me.

So I think I might like to say a very positive goodbye to that lady and a big fat hello to the new lady who can honestly say I am so sorry I forgot and know that I am being true to myself and not telling a white lie to get me out of trouble. Lets face it my memory is rubbish, stamina very much reduced and that little friend called "confusion" , no not "Confucius"-I should be so lucky - keeps visiting me every day. He is by my side causing the odd bit of random chaos just to remind me that he/she is a daily part of my life. All so very interesting (for me) and difficult for those poor people around me.

So world don't feel sorry for me feel sorry for you because Here Comes Clare!

So How can I celebrate the re-birth of me? All suggestions welcome and considered - the more random the better. Any ideas considered from long slow rambling walks to party time activities - might even consider getting drunk if I could remember where I put my favourite tipple........


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Hi Clare, wonderful to meet you. We are the privileged few on this website who have been given the opportunity to see the world from a different angle.

That's the way I choose to see it. I, personally, am a better person for it. Don't get me wrong, I was pretty perfect before! But I lived in my own bubble, with the rest of my family, and we were doing great thank you very much.

This gave us all a wake-up call, made us all look at life from a different perspective and I must say, I don't mind the journey. In fact I could say I am embracing it. As I am sure you are doing now, sure sounds like it to me.

So what if I get tired, I rest, if I forget things it may come toe, if not, who cares. I still push myself but not to the exclusion of all else.

It's a wonderful world, there're a few crazies out there! But I'm not one of them😜

I am still improving things, but I'm being kind to myself, I have acupunctur once a fortnight, that helps with the nerve pain and do TaiChi that helps with the balance, reflexology once a month, that joins all the dots again. I've just started vision training, that retrains my vestibular system and is great. Between all these things I knit, sew, crochet, paint by numbers, make jewellery, do puzzles, watch tv, read etc etc. What's not to like, so it takes me longer than it used to and frustration levels can get pretty high but then I remember I've got an acquired brain injury and am just so happy I can still do all these things.

And, I've still got plans for a whole lot more.

As I say welcome Clare it's a bright new world you've entered.

Love Janet xxxx


Hello Janet

Thank you so much for your very encouraging reply. My my you are one very busy lady- almost exhausted reading your activities - good for you.

I am actually not new to the site and made a few postings some months back, but because I forgot about this site (does that ring a bell?) I haven't posted for a while.

I seem to remember stuff if I engage with it on a regular basis or some-one reminds me. This site which I think is brill is not something I share with family or loved ones - it is for me only so no-one to remind me.

I don't post often but do enjoy reading what other people have to say.

Oh my daughters boyfriend is teaching me to paint - abstract of course -couldn't draw a set image for my life and if I can work it out might post some of my art on here, but perhaps not - depends if I remember....

Look forward to continuing to dip in and out of this brill site and so very happy to have met you and thank you so much for your very useful pointers/ideas on how to live my new life.

Clare xx


Hello Janet Kirk, Jules here.

Your post gave me a little smile, thanks.

Everyone here seems to be at a different stage of recovery or are dealing with life after a TBi in different ways. I think the path we take is supposed to be determined by the person we were before the incident. Not sure.

Yours is the only post i can remember that has a person who seems to have 'found the golden path' sort of thing. Its uplifting to know some can deal with the new life that way.

Celebrating the date (maybe 'acknowledging the date) of the TBi:

As the years go by i am thinking more and more about how i could do this by helping someone who is rehabilitating, but is well behind me with the stages that are in front of them coming their way (as they did me). Because we have been through these stages already we are able to help others on this site and others help us who are further on than us.

Maybe i will try and raise some money for this forum/Headway if i can think of a way. Maybe i will donate my birthday presents to them as that isnt me anymore.

Thank you for the smile Janet Kirk





PARTY! hubby and i had one for all our friends who supported us on his one year aniverisery.Now we just mark it quitely

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clare go to your local church and ask your priest to baptise you. then go down the pub have a meal and a bottle of wine fall over and find the old clares back!!!!

sorry that wasnt even funny, but that was my trail of thought sometimes, ive now come to to terms with me and actually the majority likes the new me.

why not go on holiday x


Haha Steve Fell over laughing and not even a little sip of alcohol. Thanks Ace x


Hi Clare. I feel like you have read my mind. I was only thinking yesterday I should have a party for the new me. My incident was on 2nd september 2016 and I am thinking a garden tea party is a nice idea. (No pressure to drink alcohol as it no longer agrees with me). Maybe that would be a good idea too. Could add a bbq for late stayers for the evening. Anyway thats what I have decided to do on the 2nd september this year. I hope my idea helps you withyour excellent idea. Would be interested tobhear what you decide to do. Much love Deborah x


I have never been able to celebrate but I do like to acknowledge the date and give it a small salute...

I think everyone is different and whatever feels right for you is exactly what you should do... If I were to choose something I would definitely opt for something fun ....like rolling down a grassy hill or paddling in the sea or a jelly eating contest (no hands allowed) .... followed by cake of course because everything is better with cake ;) I like to let my inner big kid have a some free time every now and then LOL


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