Onions are great antioxidents

I have no links to post right now because I couldn't really be that bothered to post any links so I'll just use my own common knowledge for now.

Like the title says "Onions are great antioxidents" and yes, they are indeed.

On Tuesday last week, I had a slight cough. On Monday morning-early afternoon, I still had this slight cough. In the evening I had a good soak in the bath with some Epsom salts. Afterwards my cough was a lot worse. The days after that my cough was bad and a cold eventually broke out. I was treating the cough/cold with herbal teas, ginger/mullein/echinacea, all great teas for cough/colds.

I did use onion as well. I had read once before that cutting the top and bottom of an onion and placing them on the bottom of your feet, using socks to hold them in place, did the trick. And what I read was not wrong either. A couple of years ago I had an upset stomach and I was lying down most of the day. I had onions put on my feet and half an hour later I was sitting upright and a few minutes after that I was eating.

I had a cough and fever last year and used onions again. The onion didn't have such a massive affect on my cough but it did on my fever.

This time around, the onions eased my cough, eased the cold or loosened it more and I had a little fever which the onion eased.

Now, I have read some things in the past that people used onions in the time of the Bubonic plague and also a few people, claiming to be doctors/"professionals", have denied the importance of onions and said they do not work when I can tell you now, they do.

I have said it before that we live in a heavily corrupt world and there is a lot of truthful information as well as a lot of false info out there, such as the doctors denying the truth :).

I shall also add menthol crystals. Basically they are crystalised peppermint essential oil, or something similar. One pack contains loads of different sized shards of crystals. I usually pop 1 or 2 shards in a cup and pour boiling water over and inhale away. Great for clearing the synuses. Careful with how much you use cos I put one big, fat shard in a cup, I covered myself with a towel/robe or domed myself and the fumes blew my head off :). My eyes were watering, my nose was running, I was having coughing fits but all that to me was a good thing, that is what you want to do when you've got a cold/cough. It's not a good idea to keep sniffing. You body is trying to get rid of mucus, that is why it runs. Blow it out into a tissue, keep blowing your nose. Get rid of all that gunk. Similar thing with the coughing.

Hope some of this info helped. I'm sure further links would provide much more help if I had added some :).

Take care everyone,


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  • Yes, menthol crystals are great for sinus problems and blocked noses. Like you say though, approach very carefully - very gentle little sniffs to start with!

  • I've had similar experiences with onions, when I was a little I had asthma and at the time I went undiagnosed so didn't have any steroid inhalers the doctor (yep medically trained) told my parents to feed me onions whenever I had trouble breathing and was coughing due to the narrowing airways. I don't remember this but my breathing got better and I stopped coughing. These days I don't suffer from asthma as such, however if I've hyperventilated in cold air when I run I get a bit of a cough and wheezing afterwards because my airways would've narrowed, so I ate a few pickled onions and once again the cough ceased. This isn't new to the science world, they've known about how onions and garlic benefit immunity for decades.

  • An onion cut in half and placed in a bowl of water also helps clear paint fumes after decorating. The onion neutralises the paint fumes and oddly does not make the place smell of onions.

  • One of the active ingredients in onions is quercetin which is an anti inflammatory and also reduce anti ageing. One thing to watch out for is that quercetin is concentrated around the outside of an onion, so don't over prepare them.

    I tend to mix red and white onions in foods. Red has more good properties than white but you have to be careful is that in some dishes the red onion once cooked can go grey - its still ok but doesn't look that good.

  • My mum (and since me) used to put half an onion on wasp stings. It draws out the sting and eases the pain. And so does a biscuit!

  • I once dated a guy who rubbed garlic on his chest to treat a cold ; cant say whether it worked as I didn't hang around long enough to find out. :x

    But both onions and garlic are good for cleaning out the sinuses, treating sore throats & coughs. And onion sauce with coriander & tomatoes is delicious ! x

  • My mum was not a well kid when she was younger and used to suffer with bronchitis nearly all the time. She remember her nan used to spread some kind of onion paste on her chest. There were other ingredients involved and I think she said it was a green paste as well.

    Whatever it was sure did the trick though.

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