My fridge has been buzzing loudly all day and I have been ignoring it, without realising. I just pulled out the plug and when I put it back into the wall, the humming noise has gone! It has really uplifted my energy levels so I am looking forward to a happy sleep. Feeling a bit nervous about xmas but happy I can come here to read/chat to escape certain people! I didn't realise how badly that noisy fridge has been affecting my head until now it's all quiet and I can think properly :)

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  • How lovely, you stopped the fridge's buzzing and it sounds like you're now literally buzzing with energy ☺

  • Ha- it's buzzing again but not stressing me out now I managed to get some sleep! Think I need a new fridge :)

  • January sales soon, so Happy New Year/ New Fridge, Aqua : ) x

  • The story changes- I noticed some things were frozen at the back- of the fridge. Then I realised my 3 year old son had turned the number up to 7- it's usually between 2 & 3!!! Thought my ice was froze very quickly the other day :)

    The noise has stopped :0 :)

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