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Moving to Rehab!

Hey guys,

Just an update. My father in law is moving to the wellington today. He had his assessment Monday. They were very impressed by him and his progress. Still gets very confused when he's tired and his speech is worse when he's tired. He can't handle more than one major visit per day as it all gets too much . Over stimulated.

Anyway, he's moving today. They have said they think he'll need about 3 months of rehab... I don't know if that indicates how much of his normal life he'll be able to resume afterwards? His wife mentioned something about him maybe needing home care afterwards... Can anyone tell me if they feel the same as before their accident/injury or if they feel like a new person. I'm just curious as he's doing so well, how much of his former self will come back. His character and humour are firmly intact which is lovely.

Thanks to all for being supportive !

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Great news Curly ! and don't be surprised if your dad-in-law's rehab is completed under the three months. I'm sure that determination and positivity really do speed up recovery but it's wise to remember that recovery after a brain injury is limited, so he might need some persuasion to lower his expectations a bit.

The changes in energy levels, and fatigue if overdoing things, is a big issue for us with BI and it does get frustrating at times having to pace oneself, especially when doing things we enjoy. And the memory issues (normally short term memory) can be a pain (poor word recall for me especially) but with daily mental exercising it really can improve with time.

Though we have lots in common here, our issues are as individual as we are, so it's the old 'wait & see' situation again I'm afraid ; but where you father-in-law is concerned I suspect he might surprise everyone ; I really hope so !

Best wishes to you all. xx

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Hello there Curlycuz!

Well fantastic to read that he has arrived at rehab.

Everyone is different so it is difficult to predict how he will be eventually but he is certainly a fighter!. Yes i could not cope with a lot of visits and so on... took it out of me but the company was nice.... just an effort to keep up with the chat...

I must say that I did feel different in a lot of ways, tired , wonky walking, more emotional and so on as well as memory problems.

If he has the same sense of humour and character shining through so early on that looks very positive so fingers crossed.

Things are looking very hopeful... lovely to log on here and get your updates.

All the best

TN x

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Wow - thats great news and sounds promising. Fatigue seems to definitely be a big thing with brain rehab so coping with just a few things in a day is quite normal. As for how much someone recovers thats definitely an individual thing. I would definitely say my husband is a different man in many ways (some better - some not) but I just have to remember that the alternative would be a whole lot worse! I'm guessing there will be a lot of progress with your father in law based on how much he's made so far so long may it continue :-)

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