So I just got out of hospital

3 months ago I had a grade 2 sub arachnoid haemorrhage and was coiled. Then I developed hydrocephalus and pneumonia.

I posted earlier in the week this week about being admitted to my local district hospital for investigation of severe headache, vomiting and bad neck pain. They found my BP was really high. It's been left untreated for several days and just as I was leaving they gave me ramapril as I was walking out the door.

The whole experienced being in an NHS hospital was pretty awful. I was admitted for a severe headache, and despite asking them many times, I didn't get any painkillers for the first 6 hours. My BP was really high, I was really upset and sobbing as my head and neck were so painful. I had to go to the nurses station and crack it at them and they brought me co codamol.....what I'd been taking at home. They left me like that for the whole night....sobbing ...with a severe headache, stiff neck and bad nausea and just gave me what I'd been taking at home.

On the ward round I was still crying because I was in a LOT of pain so they started me on oramorph which was just begining to help resolve the pain when they sent me home and stopped it !

So I'm back home and my BP is still really high and I still have a severe headache, stiff neck and nausea.....they have not given me the painkillers I was getting in hospital to take home with fact , tonight at 6pm I have to go back to the hospital that is 20+ miles away to pick up my take home medication on public transport ( I can't drive as I'm partially sighted) in the freezing cold in Scotland!

So not only do I feel like shite.......I have to go back to hospital to pick up my medication. I'm just feeling upset at the lack of care and compassion that the NHS shows some patients!

Not happy Jan!

The poor girl in the bed next to me was a on a sliding scale insulin infusion and she hadn't had her blood sugar checked for 5 hours and when they checked it , she was having a hypo and they said they'd come back with food.....but I had to give her food because they never come back with any. How poor is that?

I think I'm going to complain!

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  • Yes, do complain. It really isn't good enough. You should certainly not have to go and get your own medication on the bus. How about phoning to speak to a manager at the hospital and tell them what is happening and that you want your meds delivered. Also contact the PALS service at the hospital (Patient Liaison Service) to tell them what's been happening and that you want it investigated.

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