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Second head injury... Possible concussion symptoms again?

I stupidly banged my head on my forehead when I bent down to put some food in my cat's bowl on Tues. It wasn't a huge bump but it has given me a head he since and I feel anxious about post concussion syndrome since last year's head injury and breakdown. 😖

How could I be so silly? The nurse I saw yesterday said it was minor and that all my vitals were fine. I am getting the same tingling in my face as last year and am petrified it will get worse.

Any advice to stop me worrying? I don't want to go back on any meds like antidepressants as they might make my tardive dysikinesia worse too.

I feel such a twit... Literally a head case! Why do I have such ridiculous and avoidable injuries?! 😥😔😖

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Why do you have these injuries? Because you are a human being like the rest of us. We all do silly things sometimes, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. Don't beat yourself up over it, you have done the sensible thing and been checked over. Just relax and the symptoms will probably go away. The more you think about them, the worse they will feel. Obviously if things get worse, you need to get more medical attention, but I think you will find after a day or two you will be back to normal. Fingers crossed for you.


This has happened to me more than once since my major brain injury 35 years ago. Each time, I think, how stupid of me, and how dangerous it is considering I've already had a brain injury. I've fallen straight onto my head without having time to put my arms out to break the fall, I've gone over the handlebars on my bike landing on the top of my head (with a helmet on), and I've tripped up and fallen, again without putting my arms out, hitting my forehead on the corner of a stone step.

Every time, I was, like you, really worried, but I'm still here and my condition hasn't worsened. It sounds like it hasn't really affected you either. The reaction you got (the tingling) was probably because you were worrying. It's natural to worry, but I think you can be pretty certain it's had no effect - as you can see, my head "bumps" were much harder than yours, but I'm still here and still getting as much out of life as I can.

Best wishes


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