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After being in the ESA support group for a long time I had a medical a few weeks ago and was moved into the WRA group. I lost my reconsidered decision appeal and am now going for a full appeal. I know I a m not able to work after a disastrous try at a voluntary job not so long ago. I got too tired and my life was in turmoil trying to remember everything. I used to get home and go to bed. Moving groups has meant a drop in my benefit too. From £229 a fortnight to £183. That's a lot when you have very little.

My work coach has told me as I care for my autistic son I do not have to have work focused interviews or do work related activities so the whole thing seems like a money saving exercise to me. All that has happened is I lost £46 a fortnight. Everything else is staying the same. I am no nearer working than I was in the support group. I am really angry tbh. Life is hard enough.

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  • Certainly it worth an appeal. Have you looked at the Benefits and Work website ? They have a lot of good advice there. There are a lot of groups out there that can give you advice from Headway, CAB, etc. They will help you set out your letter of appeal .

    They can also check what other entitlements you should be claiming and what other assistance you should get.

  • PLEASE contact the DWP helpline and ask for advice. When we called them they were able to tell us about other things we could claim for also and helped us work out which were the best claims to make that would not affect other benefits (so as to maximise income - because its no good getting another benefit as well if it means you end up being worse off) ...they were very helpful in completing the forms too.

  • Thanks for your replies. I get DLA but that is going to convert to PIPS soon and I doubt I will get it then. One of my sons was on high rate care DLA and got nothing when it went to PIPS. He is actually worse then when he got the DLA too as he is autistic with learning disabilities and type 1 diabetic now as well which he wasn't when he first got the high rate care. I phoned DWP and they said the reduced money for me is a reflection of the fact they now think I can "move into work"

    My GP does not agree and wrote a letter to them stating that and all my difficulties which they totally ignored. The DWP argument for me being able to work is the fact I care for my other son ( twin) who is sevrely autisbut there is no one else to do that as his dad ( my ex) is an alcoholic and incapable and I do struggle. Working on top of looking after him and his brother would be impossible. I was also told that in a year they will find me totally fit for work as I am on a "12 month moving into work plan" and then would have to claim income support which is even less to keep caring for my sons. My sons are at home full time. I am just hoping I get put back in the ESA support group on appeal. Could have done without it all tho.

  • ladybird777 yours and your sons benefits are low because you all live in the same house. if one of your autistic children went to live with their alcoholic father they could claim more benefits and possibly claim carer benefits for him.

  • I would not let my alcoholic ex look after one of my cats never mind one of my sons. He's not capable as I stated above. As an update I got put back in the support group in March.

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