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Looking to move out

Hi all,

So I am looking to move out as things have gotten worse with my mum but I get confused really easily, Ive had a few estate agents call and email me and my brain has just gone into panic mode (most likely because this is all a new and foreign experience to me) and I have no friends (I have acquaintances who can give me lose advice) or family or a partner (as I am still coping with being single) to help me with the process, does anyone have any advice about who I can call I know there's CAB and someone suggested they would past my email address on to someone who could help (cant remember who they were) .

I have no idea how much I can afford in terms of rent, I have estimated a ball park figure for £500 - £700, I don't want to end up in debt (yes I have a few grands worth of savings to fall back on but I don't want to spend it all).

I also have my MOT coming up and the car is definitely going to fail as I the CV joints have split and the front two tires are bare but I want to know what other things need to be done before I invest in spend £200 repairing cv joints and replacing tires or if its worth scrapping the car (which would save money on insurance, break down cover, road tax and repair costs all set up with the help of my ex)

As well as that we are moving offices around the same time so if I did have to scrap the car I most likely wouldn't get it replace as I could walk it so I would like a studio flat in the area.

And I have to get my weight down as I have put on a few pounds before my doctors appointment in November as I have a "medical review check" but Im hoping like last time she will be lenient.

On a brighter side, I am meeting up with Emma (Broken_Doll) tonight to see a movie at the cinema.

Apologise for the non-head injury topic, I just need to get it all out in the open

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Good luck with the move,C.A.B is a good idea,and you can ring them. Have fun tonight

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CAB would be a start, or possibly a local headway group?


Local headway. ..no cab ... possible


Morning! Wow.... You sound like there's a lot of things going round in your mind at the moment. All positive things though - being independent, working, driving, socialising..

Perhaps you could prioritise? Decide which things have to be sorted immediately... And which ones could wait a few months.

If your home is secure at this time (even though you would like to eventually move out), maybe concentrate on things you know are going to happen soon - like your office move and whether or not you need your car.

My son (TBI 3 years ago) moved into his own home recently and at times sounded pretty similar! He wanted to do everything at once but we suggested he focused on one thing at a time - which wasn't so confusing.

Most importantly - hope you had fun with Emma! X

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Good advice there Bexx, one thing at a time. Office move, see if you can get there without your car, if so, get rid, then look for a place to live near work?

Contact the local council and be open/honest about you & your situation. Contact your HR department too as I think they have an obligation to ensure you are ok?


Thanks all, I can walk to our office as its in the centre but there are no houses to rent that dont cost £2,000 to pay up front (first moth rent, admin, tenancy fees ect) So office move is inevitable so losing the car wouldnt be bad and would save me money (not that Im financially broke) but not having a car if I were to rent in the area I live in wouldnt be bad as I wouldnt have to pay for parking, Lloyd I work for the council :-P so I could send them an internal email but I dont know which sub department to contact. I think I will have to put up with it for atleast until the start of 2017 when I get a payrise but until then I have start putting things in boxes in anticipation of moving out.

Yes I did have fun with Emma (even if I did have a little nap in the middle of the film lol)


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