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Hi everyone, hope you're having a good weekend. (At least the rains stopped). Just found some information about a company called Nimbus who offer a special card for telling theatre staff (not hospital theatre staff - entertainment venues!) about any needs you might have in connection with your disability. It's to alert them to things like, you might not be able to stand for a long time , or queue, or need to use accessible toilets etc.....things like that. It costs £15 for a card that lasts for three years. If you live near theatres / venues who accept it, it might be worth having? Google search for Access Card Nimbus and the web site should come up.

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  • Can't one just use one's free headway card ??? I wouldn't have£15 spare....

  • Hi Moo, sorry...I didn't know there was a card from Headway that did this too. I'm going to apply for one, Headway admin has just posted an address below :) many thanks. It would be useful not have to do battle with people when I'm out and about. I've had two 'to do's' in shops in the space of two days - maybe it's the full moon! x

  • Thanks Elenor ; I'll look into it. It might come in handy for booking aisle or middle row seats for extra leg room ! And £5 per year is do-able.

    Hope you and yours are coping ok. Love E. xx

  • Hi Cat, yes it looks like a good idea if you live near to places where it's recognised. I'm going to apply for a headway cars, they've just posted an email address below of where to apply.

    I think the access card is recognised by ticket booking web sites. Going to unfamiliar places long distance, it might be useful? Im going along ok, had a couple of unfortunate misunderstandings in shops this weekend, but such is life :) x

  • Yes I'm going to apply for the Headway card too...................anything which makes life run smoother !

    Sorry to hear you've had difficulties whilst shopping ; I was treated in an offhand manner by an assistant in Tesco when I weighed my bananas at the self service till instead of scanning them. For first time, bought them packaged instead of loose & wasn't thinking, but left the store feeling like a criminal !

    In another life we should have our own community where there'd be no misunderstandings !!

    Take care dear Elenor. ;-) xx

  • Hi Elenor,

    Many thanks for sharing.

    We do have a brain injury survivor card that lists some of the common effects of brain injury - you can get in touch with our helpline on 0808 800 2244 or if you'd like one.

    We're also planning to launch a new design of the card soon, including a photo and more personalised description of the effects of your injury. Hopefully it'll be very useful in situations such as this.

    We should be able to release further details soon - so keep an eye on our website and social media.

    Best wishes,


  • Thank you so much, I'll apply, I somehow much have missed this :)

  • This is great to hear! :-)

  • Thanks Elenor and thanks to Headway... i did not know there was a card!!!

    That would be helpful to have a photo id for head injury as i have no photo id at all. no passport and can't drive anymore! Nan :)

  • I already have the Headway original card, sadly I've had cause to show it when unable to speak coherently or when mid panic attack. Really useful to explain what I'm unable to, I don't venture out alone anymore though.


  • Hi :)

    Yes it can be very odd indeed - just getting on a bus and going to a shop is a whole new world.......sounds simple, it always was before. I think the access card is more for booking online to go to theatres or things like that. The free Headway card makes a lot more sense for general going about and it's free. Do people understand what's wrong when you show the Headway card? xx

  • Hello, I'm not sure if people fully understand the Headway card when it is shown to them. I think they have maybe concentrated on trying to manage the situation, I'm just guessing though. Since my first reply I have looked up the Access card & think it would be useful for anyone well enough to attend live shows, as you say it has a very different purpose to the Headway card.

    Best wishes


  • Yes, it's for a different purpose - I think mainly for booking things online. If you live near a big city there s a lot of choice of shows etc. If you were travelling a long way to go to something it would be reassuring to know they had you logged in their booking system as requiring disabled access/particular seating or whatever. I applied for a diablity rail card, but it's very odd. The very nature of my problems means I'm liable to forget to take it with me (which I've done once already because it's the same colour as another card I have), but if you can't produce your rail card and you've bought a reduced price ticket - they charge your the full fare of the journey while you're on the train. My partner wrote to them and asked why they don't make it only possible to buy the disability rate ticket with a pin code, so it wouldn't matter if you didn't remember to take the card with you. But they said they can't do that. So he asked them why they can't make it as a phone app, so you can show it if required, but they said they can't do that either. I think it's more suitable for people who have physical disabilities than people with acquired memory problems. Happy days :)

  • I think the whole world is too complicated & even more so for people with brain injury. The card would certainly be useful, sadly not for me though. I know some venues ask you to register with them if disabled or needing a carer with you, so this would replace the need to register with multiple venues & provide the evidence of disability they require. I'm sorry you've had problems on the train, perhaps a Headway card with you at all times could help with any such mistakes in the future? Perhaps it would have caused the staff to deal with you more sympathetically. I realise they are simply attempting to combat fraud, but, our lives are difficult enough without additional stress!

    Thank you for making the group aware of the card, it was kind of you.

    Best wishes


  • Hello.Attending my first Headway meeting I was given a card

    I haven't had to use it yet, but I imagine I will at concerts and other events as I probably seem drunk to the event staff with a lazy eye and wobbly walk.

    I assume that the Headway card will do the job, rather than the £15 one..?

  • Hi :)

    I certainly hope so :) £5 a year is only worth paying if you're going to go to concerts / festivals / theatres who require this card for online ticket sales. The free Headway card would be as much better idea for general use presumably? I ve also experienced 'looks' from people who think I've had alcohol due to wobbly walking. I still haven't made it to a Headway group but it's on my to do list. As soon as I up to it I intend to go :)

  • That's good to know there's stuff out there to show you've a hidden disability! I never know - for example on a busy train and how I get a seat before I keel over! Xx

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