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information for people dealing with a person with an abi/tbi

my wife was invited to this course, which she attended yesterday, which basically was more for a person who cared for a person with an abi/tbi, my wife does not care for me, she is my support worker, there is a big difference..............she nags the hell out of me to do things and when i complain she tells me if i i did them the first time then she wouldnt have to nag!!!

she said as far as she was concerned she learned nothing but was able to give out some advice from her experience

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Interesting! Who ran this course, was it free and what did it cover I wonder? Do share.


caroline this was headway west sussex and was for carers rather than survivors of abi/ tbi


I realise that but I am still interested in what was covered and the format? Others might benefit so do share!


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