The Letter

At Lathen house Headway Rubbery Birmingham we are trying to get out what Headway do for people to help with a brain injury ?? And advertise it to the public. We have done a video on YouTube called The Letter !! It is about the emotions stress and anger just in one day post a letter would you look out for this and share it please. Many Thanks Tim Marshall

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  • Will do Tim ; many thanks. x

  • Yep, I'm on it...


  • Thank you will do

  • Send the link I'll share it on my fb

  • Please can you post a link? Searches on You Tube for The Letter brings up pages of music videos and alphabet songs :) Thank you

  • please can we have the link?

  • tim it would also help if you and your mates could get out and about making the public aware of what " headways " actually do, the support they give and who theyre actually for.

    how about a mail shot to local companies, maybe they might support you with fundraising.

    congrats though will look for it now.


  • I can't find it, additional search information or the link to it required please.



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