Shaun the sheep

I was told by my friend (who is a physiologist as well as a zumba teacher) to wait for the ending credits at the end of the movie when I went to see shaun the sheep, I did and found that headway was one of the sponsors which I was thrilled with, this si why:

"Shaun the Sheep the Movie has a scene in which the Farmer gets a comedy bash on the head. It is perhaps no coincidence that the film's charity partner is Headway, the brain injury association. "Actually, it's to do with my co-writer and director Mark Burton, who does a bit of work for Headway," clarifies co-director Richard 'Golly' Starzak. "He started to really fret about the bang on the head. He said head injuries aren't funny. But it's a slapstick staple. You see someone get a bang on the head and you're glad it's not you. That's why you laugh. We just contacted them to say, 'Is it alright that we represent head injury this way?' Somebody from Headway came round and we talked about it and they were fine with it. I just didn't want to have any bad publicity over that"

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  • That's good! I cant wait to see the film too! :-)

  • Thoughtful of them to recognise the reality behind the comedy.When you think about it Tom and Jerry,Roadrunner(my Dad still laughs his socks off at poor Wile E Coyote!)and many other animations were quite violent but fantasy and meant in good comedy spirit.

    My poor son spent years being called after this sheep as he became popular in his childhood !Baaaaah x

  • We're off to see it today. What a thoughtful person to discuss the scene with Headway.

  • Very good to hear about the concern! Love 'shawn' cartoons, must see the movie! :)

  • Hi Bexx,

    Many thanks for posting this, and for spotting the Headway mention at the end! It was very responsible of Aardman to consider this and we hope that the addition of our details will help people find out about the charity.

    You can read more about this on our website, at

    Best wishes,


  • I wouldnt have noticed if my friend didnt point it out to me, so she deserves the credit.

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