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Neurofeedback 'brain training' for TBI?

I read something about this last year when I was suffering during the acute phase of my mTBI and post concussion syndrome, and wondered if anyone had ever had this? If so, is it effective, and can you recommend it? Or is it one of those treatments that is overrated and under-researched?

Not meaning to sound cynical, but I don't have much faith in treatments at the moment after being left with my drug-induced movement disorder... :-(

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Yes, Since my brain injury I have tried many therapies and treatments. So far the one described below seems to be a good one for me. You may want to check out LENS (low energy neurofeedback system) Therapy. What follows is a very simplified description of it. Basically it’s a specific kind of neurofeedback. An EEG scan is performed on the brain to see over and under active parts of the brain. Then therapy consists of nano currents applied to different areas of the brain via contacts placed with a gel to different external points on the head, to calm overactive areas and stimulate under active ones. For me so far this has resulted in calming my zero to 100 emotions in a split second and overall I feel more calm. Those around me notice even more than I am aware of. I am currently reading a book about it: The Healing Power of Neurofeedback: The Revolutionary LENS Technique for Restoring Optimal Brain Function by Stephen Larsen More info can be found here: goodtherapy.org/blog/low-en... and here: site.ochslabs.com/

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