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Scan results

Hi Everyone,Auton 143 here, just to say my brain scan came back with no bone damage or bleed. would like to ask a question, does anybody else have trouble with food that they have always loved,can't even look at bananas any more, feel so stupid, is this another phase that happens? going back to GP next week not expecting much help but we shall see. Thank goodness we can post some of our concerns!

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Hi, I used to be a real chocoholic, even looked forward to eating it again soon after coming round from my coma, but it is is gusting now, some may say that's a result but I really miss it.

It hasn't improved with time, but I suppose it has saved me some money and calories x



Thank you it's such a funny feeling not being in control !!!


Yes Auton, definitely ! It's especially my favourite foods which tasted different after my bleed such as bananas, tomatoes, chocolate and all red meats ; I could go on ...........................

It troubled me for many months but with time I've learned what to avoid and there are still plenty of alternatives to enjoy.

I was in a four bed ward and all for of us ended up with 'warped' tastebuds after SAH. xx

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Tuna. I totally went off it after suspected brain infection and had always loved it previously. Other things taste a little weird sometimes too - my tongue goes through periods of burning/ taste alteration. I find I often go through phases with food, currently having an obsession with processed cheese slices on crackerbread at the mo ! Just eat what you fancy, maybe you can take a vitamin/mineral supplement if you feel you are not meeting all your dietary needs ?

Great news about your scan : ) Angela x


Thank you so much all these comments make me feel better. xxbarb


Hi Cat3, my friends think I have completely lost it!!!!! thank goodness for this wonderful forum xx barb


Oranges. I had always enjoyed sweet juicy oranges up until my brain haemorrhage. Not anymore. Still like chocolate though!

Getting your scan results must a relief for you. xx


Thank you clara, yes, any positive news is great xxbarb


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