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TBI Clinic St Mary's Hospital Paddington


Hi everyone :) hope you're all having a peaceful day.

Has anyone attended the TBI clinic at St.Marys with Professor David Sharp? I've been referred, and wondered if anyone else has experience of treatment here? Thank you

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nope sorry i live on the southe coast

Sorry no experience, though one of the doctors from that clinic came to talk to our group (headway) about all the brain injury resurche that they (imperial college london are doing.

She was tall, very bright woman, really fascinating talk.

Thanks so much, it's a fascinating subject even if you didn't have an injury.......Ill post about it when I've been seen :)

Hi Elenor

Sorry no, I am from the North East.

I hope you get a reply from someone who has experience of it.

Hope they treat you well,



Thank you Jules, there's always hope :)

No, sorry Elenor, I'm a northern lass. Have you tried Googling it and looking at the various reviews ; that can be pretty revealing. xx

Elenor3 in reply to cat3

Thank you :) good idea.

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