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Dear All its me again, having a change from hospitals at the beginning of summer my next door neighbour gave me some little tomato plants (recklins Micks description )to have a go at growing I potted them and put them in conservatory to grow now have got 3 small ripe tomatoes & some tiny green green ones have been advised to go round with a cotton bud to pollinate flowers like a bee would have done. I have taken suckers or aphids off which grow between branches and cut top down when it was nearing roof I know nothing about growing tomatoes I keep putting them outside in sun and fresh air well watered & feed with feed it is in a 10 inch pot is that too small ? any ideas how to make them grow for a good crop this summer? All the very post

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  • they like nice lots of warmth ,theres these speciacl lamps you can buy but watch out for aroma chero or you might get a big heavy wake up call and the the wet wet nose of a drugs sniffer dog hahaha

  • Tomato plant food every 3to4 days as they are greedy and water twice a day!.

  • Don't be tempted to over-water as this can encourage blight. I know 'cause I killed my beautiful promising-looking crop with too much TLC and they turned black & shrivelled ! Hope yours are sweet & tasty.

    As a kid I used to love visiting next door's greenhouse which was packed with them, and I always came away with a handful of the most delicious tomatoes I've ever tasted. Oh and that scent .....................nothing to touch it ! xx

  • Hello its Jules here

    My grandad used to grow vegetables when i was a girl. I can still remember the smell and taste of the tomatoes, its a wonderful thing. He also grew cucumbers and once i was eating my salad and the cucumber was bitter - i am sure he said that ones male ones female and i think you only eat one of them normally ? interesting.

    The last tomatoes i saw in a green house also had a very mature looking grape vine - i was absolutely fascinated. I thought no more about it until about 3 -4 years ago when my mum said they now sell the vines at the garden centres (Peter Barrets). I dont have green fingers but think its a brill thing to be able to grow.




  • Your granddad obviously knew his stuff Jules ; some veg, like cucumber and capsicums do produce both genders. Trust the female to be the bitter one though !

    I've tried several times to grow tomatoes but, not having a greenhouse, I've grown them outdoors. they reach the tantalising point of a healthy bush with a good crop of ripening fruit.........then go black and shrivel ! It's blight I'm told. Love xx

  • Hi Cat

    I 'inherited' 2 huge cactus (nearly ceiling height, long thin things, orange - looked like 2 cat ginger cats tails sticking upwards). Only plant thats 'lived' with me for any length of time.

    I rescued them because someone was throwing them out, but i thought they were incredible things. But, eventually i had to dedicate a whole room just to them (i was living in a flat) and i had to move. Nobody would take them . honest it felt like i was trying to find a new home for a family pet !

    Anyway, the story ends nice as i eventually contacted a garden centre and they how have them as part of their display for catus for sale (is there such a thing as cactusess... ?!)

    At the time i was living were i worked (still at the shelter) and they even them with a tall van. Knowing i worked for a rescue center they they said i could come and visit them anytime i like (they were serious .... and i did).

    Feeling better today, slept this aftenoon. How has your day been ?



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