Hi all, this is day 24 after my head injury (like I mentioned in previous posts no brain injury has been indentified and been told it's just the frontal bone and max sinus fractured- currently on conservative treatment throughout my 4th week).

Woke up with what I would describe as "floaters" in my left eye (these look like 2 or 3 little circles that look like cells on a microscope) that float slowly down when I stare at the blue sky.

What may trigger this and should I worry about internal hemorrhage or potential blindness considering that 24 days have passed since?

I never experienced these before and it's only my left eye.

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  • Hi Alex everyone experiences floaters in the eye and mostly they are not a problem. An eye test will set your mind at rest. I think in your heightened sense of awareness you are focussing on the slightest change in your normal wellbeing and imagining the worse.

    I was told when a great number of floaters were found in my eyes that they were nothing to worry about but if I were to see what appeared to be a black curtain appearing in my vision in either eye then I should seek medical advice.

    I am not medically trained at all and can only tell you my experiences, please try to relax and let your body heal itself.

    Love Janetx

  • Hi Jane, this hasn't happened before but you are right. You are exactly describing what I am feeling. I am focussing on the slightest change and start panicking to the point where I'd start to shiver and even cry. All I'm thinking is that I will go blind or that I may die due to what happened to me 24 days ago.

    I had 3 eye tests done: one when I was in hospital on 12th of july and another one the morning after on the discharge date done by the Eye Casualty team who did not find any deficit and said the eyes look fine and that I am in no danger of losing my sight.

    I also paid for another eye test on the date of 22nd of July done by Vision Express and it also looked fine.

    I will try to calm down as started to cry this morning thinking there's something wrong. I also rang eye casualty and arranged a visit for this afternoon at QMC so fingers cross nothing is wrong xx

  • i can appreciate you are anxious, but we cannot advise as we are not medically trained. It may be because you are staring at the bright blue sky. As previously advised to you by Cat with the greatest respect, contact your GP for reassurance and hopefully you may feel more settled, and he may confirm you are in need of somebody to talk to to settle your anxiety. Hope this helps xx

  • Alex living with that level of anxiety all the time must be exhausting. Have you spoken with your doctor about this? It may be that some counselling or CBT could help you to manage this and in turn improve your life dramatically. I hope you can find something to help because it must be awful being so hyper-focussed and anxious all the time.

  • I think Janet's reply says everything I would have said, but just bobbed in to say I've had those floaters you describe ever since my brain op. And having had them checked out, I've been told they're nothing to worry about.

    But, as Sem mentioned, if you're a worrier maybe ask your GP for extra reassurance.

    Take care Alex. xx

  • As I said in my other post, CBT is your best bet.

  • So I went to the eye casualty department, they said to me that if there was a hemorrhage or deficit this would have shown after 48h-72h as had another check 3 days after the incident and nothing was revealed as well as the one 48h after. He said that it might be due to the light when staring at the bright blue sky. Doesn't happen if I look elsewhere though.

    He recommended I do another back of the eye test on Saturday just for my peace of mind as suffer from anxiety though he mentioned there are no concerns. I'm hoping the eye test will go fine as had another one on 22nd of july and been told all looks good as in I can still type and read without my glasses on.

  • Anxiety related I will ring tomorrow an org and will book an appointment as I think I'm and will be fine, it's just that I constantly worry about death and any minor burn or pain I'd get would scare me, making me thinking I got some hematoma or blood accumulation in my brain.

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