Scuba diving after severe head injury

I suffered a TBI 4.5 years ago and resumed scuba diving 18 months after the accident. Previously I have been able to self certify myself for scuba diving as I did not fall into any of their 'at risk categories'. Now they have changed their guidelines stating the those suffering Severe brain Injury cannot dive for at least 5 years. As my brain injury suffered no invasive trauma or invasive surgery I believe after 4.5 years the risk of developing epilepsy or convulsions is extremely small. Can anyone confirm this and point me in the direction of scientific evidence to prove this to my diving body BSAC. Many thanks Chris Hallam

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Hi Chris,

For your own and others safety, follow the guidelines.

Alot of us here have things we used to do, or would like to do but can't now so we find another way.

I cannot drive because I have left field visual neglect and controlled epilepsy.


Guidelines only require me to see a medical referee prior to the 5 year period elapsing. BSAC guidelines only suggest a minimum of 3 months 'off diving' after a head injury and only for divers with one or more incidences of epilepsy is there a requirement for 5 years 'free from fits' break from diving.


Hello Chris

Hope you are well.

I don't know the answer to your question, I am sorry - hope you find it.

Just wanted you to know that you just reminded me of something pre accident that I wanted to do - I used to do a lot of snorkelling, travelled to Yehman Saudi years ago for some of the best snorkelling I have ever done.

I remember now I wanted to learn to scuba - my partner at the time uses to scuba whilst I snorkelled.

Anyway, thanks for that !

Kind regards




I would suggest you write to the consultant who handled your treatment at the time to see if they can help.

BI (and seizures for that matter) are so individualised I doubt there will be a paper anywhere that says 'if you haven't had a fit by month 48 post TBI you won't get one'.


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