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New symptoms after 3 weeks?


My friend fell very badly and her head hit the wall with force. She didn't black out but had normal signs of concussion and whiplash. She didn't seek medical help at the time as she was worried she would be letting family down by not being able to go on holiday. Her symptoms didn't worsen, apart from bruising over her body, and gradually most went.

Now 3 weeks later she has begun suffering hard to bear headache with sickness and blurred vision and feeling generally disorientated. Her head felt that it would explode and was burning. She became a little better and has been able to walk about today and yesterday but has looked obviously unwell. She spoke to her doctor on the phone and he said that after 3 weeks it couldn't be anything to do with her bang on the head and was more likely migraine. We hadn't discounted migraine completely although she has never suffered one previously. The doctor didn't feel it necessary to see her. Her symptoms are worsening again as I write this.

After feeling much better 13 days after her fall is it possible that her symptoms are post concussion and should she ask for a scan. Or just sit tight and hope for the best?

Many thanks, June Mae

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Sorry,not medically qualified to know for sure....wouldn't it be best to get proper medical advice from the local gp or hospital/emergency gp?

Hope all is ok


Tell your friend to bypass her (useless ?) GP and see an A&E doctor. I know it's a long wait and emergency doctors are way overworked, but your friend needs a thorough examination, possibly a scan, to check there's no bleeding or bruising of the brain.

It could, as you say, be post concussion which might abate with time, but after such a severe bang to the head, I think it would be unwise to ignore these symptoms.

Best wishes................ x

im with cat on that one straight to a+e

Please go and get it checked at the hospital. She may need a scan to make sure there is nothing going on. All the best and hope you get this sorted xxx

Get to an A&E. She needs this checked properly as soon as possible. There are multiple potential causes for these on going problems. Some of which could be very serious.

It's vital she's diagnosed correctly and treated.


I had a similar experience - bump on the head where I wasn't knocked out, and whiplash but started getting worse after a few days. After a number of trips to see a GP I managed to get a referral to see a neurologist. He told me that migraines can be triggered by a bump on the head. Also would be worth considering tension headaches, which is another thing I have been told I've got. I saw a physio a few times who worked wonders on releasing the tension in the muscles in my neck.

Hope this helps.

The GP who refused to see me post my head bang was sacked! Please go first thing this morning.

My toddler banged my head and three weeks later I had a major brainstem stroke because the bang had torn my vertebral artery. It's rare but dangerous so please go to A&E.

Good morning Jane if your friend is still being sick and feeling disorientated. Advice go to A. E. ASAP. And get a scan it's the only way. And then you will get a definite answer to her symptoms. That's what I had to do. Mx

I agree with everyone else that she needs to be checked out. You also said she went on holiday, so I wonder that whilst on holiday she was relaxing more and not having to think as much and now she's back she is using more 'brain power.' I feel so much better when I'm on holiday and not having to think about anything.


It was the pavement that my head hit with a very sickening crunch and this caused a subdural haemorrhage. This is the sort of brain damage caused by shaken baby syndrome. Effects can come on immediately or later. I was kept in hospital for 11 days till the bleeding stopped. I was unconscious so was taken to hospital and didn't have to make up my mind. At least go get it checked out to put your mind at ease. Good luck. x

Totally agree with everyone on here. It's not worth the risk seeing stupid local doctors. Go to a+e. Xx

cat3 in reply to Candace8

Doesn't it make you angry though Candy, considering what GPs are paid, that so many of them really are so useless.

I've managed to find a good one after 30years of putting up with 2nd best. But, because she's so good, there's a 2 week waiting time for an appointment with her ! xx

Candace8 in reply to cat3

Iv found a super one now and it's the same re waiting times. Saying that if I call and can't get appointment she rings me straight away. She's brill xx

Thank you everyone for your advice I have thought the same but with all your backup my friend will see sense and go to A + E.

Many thanks, June Mae

Hi June,

Please get to A&E pronto and get her seen.

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