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doctors and a trip to A andE

well guys scott went doctors who told him he needs to go AandE which he did :} along 6 hour wait but worth it I think ,there is no sign of the brain bleed which is good new as they did ct scan they said his symtoms should get better by there own but they did however tell us he has low density of the left basal ganglis region and he needs a mri scan to investicate it

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The main thing is that Scott seems to be realising that he needs to cooperate ; he's obviously proved that by sitting through a 6 hour wait !!

As more time passes and his head injury improves, I hope he'll get the hang of his situation so that you can both look forward to some kind of normal again.

Best wishes to you both, Love Cat xx


Thats good news rose. Have a positive Tuesday. Nick Xx

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Oh great to hear Scott went to the doctors and to A&E, that's a huge step! Fingers crossed things get easier for you both now, albeit early days! xx

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