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Industrial Injuries benefit


After 4 1/2 years, I was told recently that I should have tried claiming Industrial Injuries benefit. Apparently, it is not related to typical industrial locations (factories, building sites etc.) but covers all workplaces and work related travel.

The other reason I didn't claim was because I thought it was only applicable to traditional employees. However, it is based on National Insurance classification payments and covers agency workers, people on training courses and some volunteers.

The payments are made by the government and don't impose anything on your employer or replace any negligence claim.

If you think it may be applicable to yourself the forms are not too difficult to complete.

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I have been getting IIB for years now ...the DWP suggested I claim for it as my accident was during work hours and "while carrying out duties associated with the role". The DWP person helped me complete the forms and I had to go for an assessment in the same way as for ESA (except slightly less unpleasant) but once done that is it and everything is automatic after that... Its not a huge amount but every little helps ;) and its worth exploring if you even think it may apply.

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It is strange isn't that if you get the right person the whole world opens up in terms of information and progress. To be fair the benefits people we have spoken too have been really helpful and got things sorted for us eventually.

As you pointed out a lot of the problems stem from the people doing the assessments whom are generally unpleasant and seem to treat all people as though they are cheats and fakers.

Still it will be interesting to see if I qualify


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