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The wrecking ball

Came smashing through

Putting an end

To all that was you.


As, in shock,

You stand and stare


"What, if any, of me is left there?"


To your amazement

Some whole bricks survive.

They are parts of you

That are still alive.


Take time to grieve

For all you have lost

And don't even try

To count the cost.


There is more I will post later just brain sore long weekend .

Love n hugs


*****************have rested so here's more.

The worst case scenario

For the very few

Is that you can make lots

Of pretty rockeries to view.


Yet for the majority

It's time to re build.

So make it a palace

with treasures filled.


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Love it Random ! The concept of a wrecking ball is genius. :-/


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Genius? Just my brain fixating on an advert.

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:-/ xx

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Fantastic! xx

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Thank you for sharing your amazing, understanding poem. I am really grateful to read a fascinating, reflecting creation of how we are affected by grim brain damage.

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Simple words that say so much.

Genius random.

Pax x

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Wonderfully put :) great to read thank you :)


Lovely writing which really strikes a chord with anyone who has known what it is like to have a BI. The 'time to grieve' bit is so true and the one which we don't all always get. If we are lucky we can rebuild and find a degree of tranquility but boy, does it take ages sometimes and yes, there is almost always a lot of loss. I wish a tranquil, pain free and calm day to you all.


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