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Splash for cash

Hi all,

I mentioned in my last post that I will be doing a sponsored swim for my Headway, Headway Portsmouth, sometime in September.

One person has already donated/sponsored me but this was before I got to set up a Just Giving page.

I have now set up my page so if anybody is interested in sponsoring me, please do so.

Here is the link,


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well done.  I don't see mine listed though.  Maybe 'cause it went direct to Headway (who have thanked me BTW).  xx

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Thank you :). You see where I said "Someone else had already donated before I set up a JG page", that is why your donation isn't actually listed. Your donation is actually on the main donations page and you added a little message so we know what the donation is for too, thanks again :).

And I am glad to hear that my Headway have thanked you too :).

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Just wanted to be sure that my donation had your name on it Matt !

All good.    :-/  xx


Yes, my name is on the donation. Thanks :).

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