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Procook is better than Dunelm

I'm just saying, that's all.

Procook have published this. Where Dunelm failed me, Procook delivered the goods...

Wok from Heaven

It had been a bad day, a really bad day. The kids were playing up, the piles were giving me grief, etc. Then, like a beacon of hope, the doorbell rang.. On the other side of the door was sanity, wok shaped sanity. Suddenly the sun began to shine, the birds began to tweet and life was grand. The wok brought me peace, brought me happiness, brought me hope. It couldn't bring world peace, it couldn't cure disease, but it could cook a mighty stir fry. Just wonderful

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I can see the newspaper heading "Wok brings relief from piles"

Images of people sitting astride them like giant turtles :-)

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It worked for me :)


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