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After nearly 3 years since my dad suffered a tbi he has now started having seizures. Two weeks ago was his first which was scary for me to witness. He ended up going into hospital because he went unconscious finally waking up two days later unaware of what happened and totally confused. They have started him on medication but he seems a totally different person from it

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Bless him, it's not nice especially after so long. I managed 2 years then had a massive seizure in my local shopping mall. I had no warning and was very confused by it. I was prescribed anti convulsive meds, which on the most part seem to be working. I have had a very small seizure since but the longer I go without having one the braver I get going out. I have been pretty anxious since. Hopefully your dad will cope better after a while, it seems we get used to living with our new condition and another comes along. X

Thank you I'm glad yours are under control. I'm nervous of my dad going out incase it happens again to him. He can't remember having a seizure so to him he thinks he is ok xx

My mum and sister felt the same about me going out on my own, as was I to start with. I had no warning before the first one (which was last November) nor the little one last month (I was at home for that one and couldn't quite figure out why I was sat on the floor with dog food everywhere). Hopefully your dad's meds will work for him too x

Good morning Ann. My husband had his first tonic clonic seizure just days after coming home from hospital, after 5 months re hab from his SAH. This was in 2013, and I can sympathise with you, it is so frightening to witness, especially when you have no warning. He continued for around a year having an average of one seizure a month, until the right medication was finally found. He had one very slight one a few months later, but is now (fingers crossed) seizure free.

It does take a long time of trying various medications until the right one for that person is found, so hang on in there. When I look back I wonder how we coped, he used to be unconscious for up to 20 minutes, making awful noises and struggling to breath, but we got through it. And yes, it does take a long time for the sufferer and their carers to feel confident going out again, as you are always worrying that it might happen again.

All the very best to you and your Dad.

Molly x

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Hi molly touch wood my dads medication has got it under control because he hasn't had one since. I'm glad that ur husband's is under control but yes its definitely scary to witness as my dads breathing went funny too and he swallowed too much saliva in his lungs and ended up having aspiration pneumonia which prolonged him getting better xx

I developed epilepsy last November but luckily I was in hospital at the time so was put on medication straight away. It didn't stop the seizures but once my tumours were removed I was kept on it. Two weeks ago I had a couple of seizures, I came to lying against a night storage heater, I burnt my head and back quite badly. Later that day I had another seizure in the bathroom. I was quite scared for the rest of the day as I live on my own. Anyway I have decided not to let it stop me from living my life. I just have to deal with it when it happens :)

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Hi Michael sorry to hear about ur experiences with ur seizures. Glad your not letting them rule your life

annaharford i totally understand where youre coming from........seeing someone having a huge seizure like that can be scary.......i worked with adults with learning disabilities, so saw them quite often.

i had an abi 4yrs ago but it wasnt until sept last year i had my first partial.....i go to bed for a few hours and im fine.

in what way does he appear different ? have there been subtle changes that you havent noticed until now ?

a lot of people who have a tbi abi come out of it as different people my wife tells me im not who i was before my abi.

sorry forgot to say welcome


annaharford i only go out with my wife


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Hi Steve my dad has changed since the tbi but since he started on medication for the seizures he has been sleeping more and not with it at times. I'm glad he lives with me otherwise id be a nervous wreck it's bad enough now. I won't let him go out by himself just incase

annharford im waiting to see the neurologist to have mine cofirmed, im on epilim and although thats used in the treatment of epilepsy, i take as a mood stabiliser.

my advice would be to go back to the gp, maybe it is the medication but i think think the confusion is due to his tbi.

ok im going to say the same to you as i say to every one else........find your local headway support group, itll be great for the pair of you.......your dad because he ll be among people who understand ( you like my wife will never understand, and i hope you never do, because that means youre in the position were in now ) and you will be with people who love and support us.

this is one of my daily activities, so im on every day if you need to let off steam!!!


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