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Hi everyone just thought I'd drop a message on here as its been a while since I've wrote on here.

Because of my brain injury I always suffer headaches, but this last month they have been unbearable, I went to the doctors because I couldn't cope any more with the pain.

The doctor give me two options, take a tablet as soon as a headache happens and then another one two hours later or one a day for life to hopefully ease headaches. I asked her what was her what she advised I take and she said to start off she'd advise the 2 a day tablets and if they don't work then the other option. So I am on the two a day tablets which are called Sumatriptan 100mg, I have only taken two days worth, Tuesday and this morning and I have to say they are amazing and work really well. I haven't had to take any other pain killers until this morning.

I'll keep you up to date with how they work.

Lisa1985 xx

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I have had constant pressuree headaches, no pain just that feeling of pressure. For as long as I can remember now, only started after I left the hospital though, so put it down to dealing with life.

I, under the guidance of my GP, treat it with a cocktail of paracetamol and ibuprofen, only 2 of each topped up with 2 more paracetamol later if needed. But it's good to know there are other ways to control it if this way stops working.

Glad it's getting better for you and thank you for telling us xx



I thought it would be of use to others aswel, mine is similar to yours a deep pressure in my head but it's also very painful and I was having trouble sleeping which only made the headaches worse.

Lisa1985 x


Hi so pleased that you are feeling much better with the tablets. I used to be on them many years back. If you find that after a while that they don't take away the pain the same ask to be referred to a neurologist as a Gp can only prescribe up to a certain dose and I'm talking about a couple of years or more down the road. a neurologist can right you up for the same drug but stronger I've been using the nasal spray for a few years now and they are fantastic for migraine kind regards Kathy.


my headaches are permanent allways there some days worse than others, when it gets

bad with migrane you know the bright lights and blurred vision mega tiredness just wipes me out,

not good if it starts just as you have got ready to go out

I get other pains as well

in fact if i did not have a headache i would think that there was something wrong ?

got a mild one now

john, xxxxxxxxxxx


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