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Rediscovered me!

Well attempting to find out. I went though my previous live, meeting up with friends from school; friends made when having a family; previous work colleagues, I think it was carried out to regain life experiences. Who was I? I think has been investigated- who will I become? My major problem is having to spend time on myself: I novelty! Grateful for contact with understanding pals, cheers!

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I'm so much better on my own, sad really but less stress rather than having to hold conversations.

Doesn't mean I avoid contact it's just easier on me so I welcome the alone time. In some ways I can resent having to share that time.

I know that the more I practice those contact situations the easier it gets its just prolonged meetings can make my brain meltdown. Still I know how to handle it now so all is good.

Hope you find the new you soon xxxx



I bet I wore you out Janet when we skyped way back when :-) xxx


I'm not complaining Shirley, it was good. Made me realise I was still here and functioning ok😄

Janet xxxx

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Oh Janet....no way I thought you were complaining honestly - it was just a tongue in cheek jokey comment from me, remembering how long I used to chat and chat and chat..... I could see sometimes see if you were tiring - and I know

my problem is that once I start talking I never know when to stop, :-(

I've downloaded the Skype iPad App but when Apple updates and refreshes it disappears! The iPad seems to work more like an iPhone and I don't think enough app developers were sufficiently ready for the IOS 8/9 operating software so I'm still having problems - that's why no chats again till I can get it properly sorted out And not sure how or when that will be though.

today, I send a virtual hug instead, :-) Shirley xxxxx


Thank you Shirley, I knew you were joking, the old me is back well and truly now, apart from a few issues, but believe me it takes an awful lot for me to be upset by anyone and I know you anyway, we've shared a lot on here this last 4 years.

Take care xx

Love Janet

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Very happy to hear the old you is back, Yes a lot has happened healthwise to and for both of us in the time we've known each other on here - lomg may our contact continue as well :-)

You take care also, love Shirley xxx

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Thanks Janet, I have to spend time alone for the same reasons as you. Not like I was before, but I attempt to convince myself I am lucky to know what suits me, or rather the new me!


alicathy so pleased for you........anddont forget the new friends youve made here


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