off with her head!

Watching one of the history programs last night they mentioned that King Henry the 8th had a TBI and there is some aspects of his behavour that could be put in contex.

have to say though I have a quite a temper now havn't taken heads off, yet!

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  • Must have a look at that thanks ..... and perhaps send the link to anyone who has borne the brunt of my outbursts - tho don't recall suggesting a summary execution ( yet ) !!

  • Nice one.

    My reason for "biting" Hubby's head off fairly frequently is that he ,just as frequently, doesn't listen.

    This may be much better.

    Love n hugs


  • Yes, but he is a bloke and your female - "biting hubby's head off" is just part of normal male-female behaviour and is on the small print on the back of the marriage certificate :-)

  • Explains a lot doesn't it really.

  • There has been quite a lot of research into deviant behaviour and if I remember correctly ( :-) ) something like 40% of notorious people had a significant head injury prior to their misdemeanour's.

  • Hi Roger

    Took more time to read the article.

    Seems to add weight to the theory that multiple small incidents followed by bigger events may impact of the severity of the effects of bi.

    Love n hugs


  • there is evidence to suggest that over eighty percent of american inmates have some form of tbi, often these injuries are compounded as they then get locked up with each other and then behave violently resulting in more tbis. what a world we live in.

  • Hi Roger, didn't see last night prog, but I do watch as many of those history progs as I can - catching up on a long lost childhood education! There's too much rubbish on mainstream early evening TV now - the schedules see all messed up and full of repeats, which is why it's good to see Ch4 and 5 putting out some good educational stuff. The history for me, usually where it concerns France, is interesting so I get the opportunity to know what the French may/should know. I did once before BI but a book that gave all the kings and queens in French history - not that I remembered too much having only looked at it once when I bought it! So yes, I like documentaries on TV. So pleased I'm able to see the UK progs via satellite.

    Keep well, Shirley x

  • I rarely watch tv live, tend to use BBCiplayer and others on ipads/appleTV and so on.

    I tend to history and sciences. I have a membership of the royal palaces, so visit Hampton Court/Tower of London from time to time, when last Tuesday to the Tower, didn't stay that long since it was infested with school parties.

  • Yes places like that are better when there is more, space, peace and quiet! I used tomgo with boys classes, as an 'adult helper' when they had school trips to the various London museums. I used to love going up there, it was also something we'd do perhaps on of their bitthdays, one was an Autumn baby, the other a winter one, so sadly no outside birthday parties for them! Fortunately MDonalds didn't exist way back then.

  • hi roger how old were you when u met with the accident? and after how many days later you started speaking and walking? did u have tracheostomy? were you in coma? if so for how long? I am just comparing for a hope all such cases are similar though.

  • I was 38 from what I was told I was speaking quite soon within a HR? after the accident, but confused. And apparently on a 5s loop.

    I have no idea when I first walked, I mostly slept in hospital I do remeber making it to the toilet, and being followed in hot pursuit by a nurse.

    I didn't have a craniotomy ie skull drilled to reduce pressure as the intracranial pressure was low enough, though they had been thinking about it apparently.

    Peoples recovery varies but generally they do recover.

  • Thanks foe the reply Roger. My brother in law's accident aeems to be a major one. He was fully drunk when he fell down from the stairs. He was in coma for almost 6 weeks. They did craniotomy and tracheostomy. It was in may 2015 he is still not able to speak and toilet senses also not recovered yet. He is able to walk eat and speak little bit not much.

  • Brains are remarkable in there ability to recover/remap but it takes time, even for my reasonably minor injurys 2+ years on I'm still improving.

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