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Hello I decided to come here as I need advice and support have depersonalisation disorder with dissociative episode and NEADs . Plus I'm a full time carer to my partner so I feel isolated.

I have used my nightmare and dream like someone else to write a series of book but mine were fictional. As they allowed me to express my feelings that I couldn't express verbally.

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  • I am wondering if either you or your partner have a brain injury because what you describe is perhaps more mental health problems because you say you have depersonalisation disorder with dissosciate episodes. Sorry but I do not know what NEADs means? Headway is an organisation for those of us who have acquired a brain injury which could be by trauma, accident, haemorrhage, infection, anoxia etc.

  • NEADs is non elpispy attack dissociative seizure and as for depersonalisation disorders can be brought on due to brain injury or trama or alchol or drug addiction. Mine is possible brain damage or trama as a child which has a adult I'm affected by as I also survived domestic violence from my ex husband of emotional abuse.

    Hope this helps you understand why I joined headway.

  • Thank you for explaining. I am not aware of anyone else on here who is suffering similar but I am sure if there is then will respond. Perhaps you would find it helpful to ring the Headway helpline.

  • Hi Switch,

    You might want to try this sister website on Healthunlocked for better response on NEADs :

    Angela x

  • Hello Switch and welcome. Sorry to hear you're feeling so isolated ; come back any time you want to talk !

    Take care m'dear, best wishes, Cat x

  • thanks cat the same here you take care and stay in touch .

  • ;-) x

  • your welcome cat

  • hope your doing well

  • I'm ok thanks, apart from some visual issues after a cataract op !

    How've you been recently ? x

  • been crying as had to tell a friend a bit about my past and it brought back bad feelings. but glad i spoke out about how i was feeling didn't realise how low i,m at the moment I'm good to have to get some help before i get to bad .

  • Are you seeing anyone at present such as counsellor/therapist ?

  • nope not at the moment I'm waiting for an appointment to get some counselling .

  • How long have you been caring for your husband ?

  • ive been caring for my new partner over seven years , I have support fro the carers center near us for my care role. but its still hard sometimes.

  • Sorry, should've said 'partner'.

    Any time you feel overwhelmed AK you can message me & I'll get back to you.

    I might not have any answers but it can be a relief to offload sometimes !

    Hope you'll soon recover from your emotional upset earlier ; it's never a bad thing to talk even if it's difficult at the time.

    Take care m'dear. Talk again soon I hope. xx

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