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Setting goals 😊

I constantly find myself setting goals after my bi in September.

Needless to say today I'm absolutely buzzing I have managed my first full week at work. All the issues have melted away with pride and new goals are being planned in my head to keep this feeling of getting back to being 😁 I will take Days like this over the tears and frustration any day xxxxxxx hope u all find a few happy days how ever you get them xxxx

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Hello Sarah,

Wow, what an accomplishment! Well done!

Take care


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Well done Sarah. I hope you'll continue to thrive on your bubbly enthusiasm ........................ sounds like you might be one of the lucky ones ; I hope so ! xx

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Hi Sarah,

Well done on your first full week back at work its always a warm feeling when you reach goals in bi recovery. I know the feeling well as I'm getting them more often now. I now tend to keep hold of the good and positive days and out the crap ones behind me.

Heres to finding happy days in the future. God Bless and have a fantastic Sunday. XX N

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Way to go Sarah!!!


Keep a diary and it will help when you get the frustration. It will remind you of the things you can do now because you have set the goals and put the work in to achieve them.

Onwards and upwards.




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