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Anoxia or hypoxia? Myoclonus or epilepsy?

Brains and damaged brains are so baffling even for the experts.Daughter Sarah collapsed, stopped breathing for uncertain period before breathing again of herself.On regaining consciousness subject to seizure so sedated into induced coma.In comotose state for almost 5 months and expected to succumb to chest infection but unexpectedly for experts began to make a recovery.She remained on medication cocktail to quell seizures or myoclonic jerks but also suffered depressed mobility and speech.An alarming episode of seizure or jerk galvanised authorities to increase medication to such an extent she was rendered totally dependent and lost newly regained abilities such as walking,talking and slow but careful longhand writing and keyboard skills.We are not convinced the experts know how to best manage her condition.They cannot agree on anoxia or hypoxia or myoclonus or epilepsy.

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The brain baffles everyone, it's such a complex organ. What would cause death or severe problems in one person, can sometimes be overcome, or be less traumatising in another. No two rains are totally the same. Unfortunately it's a time thing, and the professionals will be doing their best.

Not much help, sorry, except my love and understanding. Janet xx

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epilepsy is notoriously difficult to tack down unless someone has a seizure on Que on the EEG, everything is symptom based, which can have many causes.

and MRI and CT scans while fantatstic bits of kit, are still in many ways quite primitive.

It sounds like Sarah has quite a will to live, so will cope/ajust to the new medication.

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