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Journaling for TBI recovery and building self esteem!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry if this feels like extra spam. I know a lot of people are posting their blogs on here and I don't want to be one of those 'look at my blog' people, who doesn't otherwise contribute to the chats.

I wrote a blog about how I used a journal and mindfulness practices to build my self esteem following my TBI. Mainly I thought about myself as my own parent, and what a parent would do to care for a child, and then wrote out a list in my journal. I found it really helpful, which is why I want to share it, and the silly lists I made about how I could be a better parent to myself.


If any of this is helpful, let me know. Also, if my blog spam is annoying- let me know (in a kind way) and I'll stop doing it haha :)

Take care everyone xxx

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Hi Katie, you keep on doing what you need to , if it helps you that's great and we can choose to read or not, however it takes us xxxx

Love Janet x

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A really interesting perspective!

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I enjoy reading blogs it gives me ideas about what to write in my blog which usually just seems like goobly de gook or it does to me lol,

If it's something you enjoy doing I'd say carry on, I enjoy writing and want to become an author once my stories are long and good enough to get published :)

If it helps you in your recovery all the better, I'm going to start colouring because someone on one forum on here not sure if it is this one or a different one that colouring helps recovery in something but can't remember to be honest,

Take care,

Siobhan x


I got one of those colouring books. It was a really nice way to zone out in front of the TV, and before I knew it, I'd coloured in loads of pretty flowers x


Hi Katie if you've not seen my posts from way back, I've been doing paint by numbers to help my rehab for years now. My first few were rubbish but I've progressed and some are even worth framing so have been given as presents. It's helped my fine motor skills, I find it relaxing too and my brain gets in a muddle when faced with numbers, so frustrating for someone with 2 A levels in maths, so it's helped with that too.

Take care Janet x


Found it very interesting, i've never written a blog or anything about what I've been through could be worth a try !


Very interesting and informative


Hi katie,

I really enjoyed that, thanks for sharing it. I have found it a fascinating concept that you are now a carer for that part of you that is broken, scared, lonely, lost and confused. I really liked the 'parent' angle, and thought your examples were really clever, they helped me understand it better and see how to apply it to my life. A turning point in my recovery was learning about being compassionate with yourself. I also put a site together which you may find interesting, braininjuryftp.com


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