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Anyone else!

My mum suffered a Anoxic brain injury is there anyone who knows someone who is the same we just don't know what to do for best , at this moment we are going through mum been awake for 24 hrs then sleeping for a bit then another 24 hrs but while she is awake she will never sit down for more then 5 minutes. If anyone can help please do all information appreciated.

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Can you tell us a little more, i.e. the cause of the anoxia and how long ago did it happen. And is your mum presently receiving support/care from health professionals ?


Cardiac arrest on December 10th her heart had stopped for 19 minutes before they got it going again they put her in a coma for two days then said we need to bring her out of it if no response in 24 hrs she won't survive and if she does she will be a cabbage anyway nothing happened for 5 days so they suggested we moved her to dove house to pass away after 11 days in there she was still alive and opening her eyes now and then so dove house sent her back to hull royal we fought to get her on the stroke ward and give her a chance they got her taking liquid food then started physio on her and speech therapy they took her as far as they could so now we want her to go to a rehabilitation unit by this time it was june and she was ready to come out there is brain damage but she can walk talk and eat soft food but has I write this mum has been awake for 39 hours sometimes she will not sit down and relax its like someone got a remote control and controlling her she is in restbite at moment we can't find the right place for her!



You may have to grit your teeth for a bit and stay strong I had a the same with a list as long as your arm of problems (cardiac arrest told my then partner to come back in about 2 in the morning as it didn't look good and if I survived I was gonna be problem the best part of the greens family) I had no sleep cycle and it took a long time to get it back to any normal pattern

Lewann 😁


Thanks for that glad your doing ok now I know my mum will ever be right sometimes she doesn't know who I am and she will always need 24hr care I just want her to be settled after 53 hrs she's finally slept for a couple of hours


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