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Little update

Haven't been around for a while, so thought I'd just drop a message to say things are going well! Uni is still hard, and I don't feel quite right, but in the context it's all doing great. I've found that if I just keep myself busy then I feel way better. Still annoying having to explain what's wrong with me all the time, but that's no-ones fault.

I really hope you're all making leaps and bounds in your recovery!

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glad to hear it!


Is this a mellowing Ben I see before me ; I hope so. I know it can be uncontrollable, but stressing achieves nothing as I suspect you're discovering.

I'd be impatient and angry to be hit with a bi so young, but I've always had the feeling that your willpower and intelligence will get you to where you want to be. :-/ x


I'm so pleased for you.

Keep being positive xx


Hi B S A like you i dip in and out. But tonight I just want to say hi to you and tell you yes it is difficult andif continues to b difficulty postv 7 years.

Life's friggin tough and not going where we expected.

But we are very Ihappy hey ho !!!


Hi Ben,

You sound a lot more relaxed with your situation, which I like : )

No leaps and bounds here but ticking along as usual will do for me !

All the best for your continued success in your studies, I am sure with your determination it will all come together : )

Take care,

Angela x


Hi Ben, Im pleased your recovery is going well and yes its difficult. I too find myself trying to explain why I don't want to talk to someone or my brain is overloaded. They usually don't understand and I should really rude. Some thing iv accepted and understood but others don't.

Have a great weekend. N


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