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Weigh to go

Today was my 1st class in local NHS group for nutrition advice and exercise class. Had a minor melt down trying to fill in the Form. Luckily the instructor who takes the Health Active class I attend on a Monday was there and took me aside to discuss and fill out the Form.

Enjoyed the class and the attitude of those in the class and the instructor. It is however difficult to go from the person who teaches on health, nutrition and active lifestyle to the recipient , and from an active to inactive.

But I will succeed, I will increase my activity and lose the weight I have gained since my BI due to inactivity. Slowly, step by step. One day and achievement at a time.

Watch this space. ..

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Well done you, I need to lose 15 kg all added in the last 3 1/2 years due to inactivity, I'm hoping I can lose it all in 12 months. As you say, one step at a time x

Janet x

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Well done and I wish you success. I keep trying to lose weight but seems to be stop start with me.

Pleeeeeeesssse let us know of your success and how you have done it. Also ifit seems a tougth time we are all here to support you.

Good luck Pax

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I've been following the ph360 program, which entails many things in addition to food and have gotten rid of 8 kg in the last 10 weeks. Notice I said gotten rid of instead of lost, because I don't want to find it again. Digestion has improved too. Anyway if you are interested here is the information for which I have no financial connection to it: ph360.me. If you decide this is for you they are running a special use the promo code FRIEND197, promo code until Friday the 11th of September. Hope this cna be of help.


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