Nearly 20years since his brain injury, the BBC documentary 'me and my brain' has opened up the possibility to my son that his ongoing problems may be about the effect of TBI. until that programme he refused to contemplate that possibility. Now I need to help him find the right person/people to help him. Can anyone suggest who's good out there.? The team on the TV were inspiring but I've no idea how you get that sort of help. We are in the North of England and given that it's not going to be a one off visit, it's preferable iif it's not too far away.

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  • Hi

    if you havent already then contact your local headway. They should be available via headway web site.

    Othrr than that try askin your gp.

    all the bes Pax

  • Yes, Paxo's quite right ; phone the helpline. But do it today as they're not available at the weekend and they close at 5pm tonight until Monday..

    The number is 0808 800 2244 9am-5pm, mon-fri.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    Good luck with this to you & your son. xx

  • Hi As said above give your local headway group a call they are very helpful and knowledgable. N

  • Hi

    I accessed my counselling through the local NHS stroke rehab team - and they come to my house. Not sure if that's available for you ?


  • Good advice already from Paxo and Cat.

    I had my TBI 48 yrs ago and apart from the effects during recovery I spent a miserable many years worrying about the perception of others of me.

    Don't give two hoots now. Wish your son well. In my opinion if you work with media don't expect anything from them once they have what they want. Radio, TV or Film they're all consuming and nothing in return from my experience. Good luck.

  • Hi there, I also struggled to find any source of help, I have put together a website that outlines my experiences and gives advice to others living with a BI, everyone's journey is very different so it may not be that relevant but if you want to have a look you can find it here

  • Hi Mummily,

    Have a look here as this may help:

  • Definitely getting involved with your local headway and asking the GP to refer you to an neuro practice is a great place to start. Some Headway groups do free counselling too

    Best wishes for the future


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