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I have noticed over the last couple of years since my illness began the amount of drugs you are prescribed, at present mine are over 700 a month!! Then a couple of weeks ago I was called into my GP,s for a "review" the GP not my usual one went through my drugs saying you don't need this, why are you taking this? (You are the GP you tell me!) Then there are all these "specialists" you are sent to and each one for the same ailment mainly have differing views of your treatment.

So in the main, without sounding like a conspiracy theorist I feel like a Guinea Pig

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GPs and specialists rarely seem to do a medication review. When they do it seems that they end up cutting out half the medications, as rather a lot of them seem to be for the purpose of counteracting the side effects of the others they are prescribing! My neighbour was on about 40 pills a day. When her sons moved to her a care home closer to them the first thing her new GP did was get rid of almost all of them. She feels a lot brighter as a result.

I don't know about guinea pig (almost certainly most of these things have been thoroughly tried and tested before they get to us here in the UK - just you try to get hold of anything deemed 'experimental' in the slightest) but you have every justification for feeling like a random 'just pop it in here' pill bottle....it is one of the many things which, unless you keep on top of it yourself, the professionals simply don't have the time (or inclination in some cases) to review and check.


That's just it. You might get an illness and prescribed with some medicine which might help slightly but could end up bringing on other illnesses.

This is why I referred Jimbo to look up Big Pharma.

It happened with me once. I had pharengitis and I was prescribed antibiotics which did help get rid of it but then I ended up with thrush on the tongue.

I will never, ever use prescribed medicine from the pharmacy again. The pharmacies don't give a crap about you, they just want money.

Natural cures is the way forward.

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Tell me more Matt as I feel the same way



This article explains big pharma much better than I ever could.

Apparently there is not a great deal of difference between pharmaceutical companies and organised crime.

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My neuro was suprised that I was on statins as my bloods were normal to good. Though as on statins surely my bloods should be normal.. it's what the statins are supposed to do!

I also asked him about one of blood pressure meds that had been changed and triggered 2 seizures and a blck out. He said he wasn't a specialist in blood pressure and couldn't comment on blodd pressure meds. Now I thought neuro's dealt with strokes and other blood resure related disturbances of the brain so why didn't he know?

Also said shouldn't have triggered seizure but on investigation with pharmacist turns out it was the salts that the drug was presented in that caused the problem and not the active ingredient.

Guinea Pig? I think probably not. More likely a tunnel vision by medics that focus on the symptom you present rather than look at broader picture of what may be reacting with what to cause the issue so end up taking meds to counter side effect of other meds when just a change in problem med was all that is needed rather than an additional med.

Hopoe that makes sense and not to bad a ramble.

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Hi Jimbo,

You might want to sound like a conspiracy theorist at this point.

Some docs/specialists have prescribed you with this and that and some say you don't need them. I bet you are ever so confused.

This is the point where I would be looking into Big Pharma.

Take care,



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