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Audiology and Hyperaucusis

I think I promised to post the outcome of an audiology appointment.

Well here goes. After a long chat about how the hyperaucusis effects my life it has been decided to try a filter. Basically a fitted ear plug with a filter for certain sounds built in.

The mould has been made and is off to the lab to be made.

Please push for an ent appointment if noise is debilitating for you.

Nothing ventured nothing gained as the saying goes

Lovenhugs to all


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good luck with it


Thanks razy.

It's another one of this random phantoms but one that triggers very bad headaches. And having been told to avoid the headaches anything that might help!!!!!

My guess is that I will have to carry it with me all the time and use it as soon as possible after exposure to the sounds/volume to reduce the impact of the headache and avoid having to alter the meds.




hope it all works and you can reduce the headaches


Thank you RandomPhantoms, this is really helpful!

I'm still struggling with Hyperacusis in my right ear! So this might be an avenue to explore!

Thanks again for sharing!

Emma xx


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