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Hospital Appointment

Hi all just a quick post to see what others would do in my situation last september 2014 I was referred by my GP to see a neurologist at Pinderfields Hospital Wakefield I am still waiting having made enquiries my self, my GPs practice has made great efforts to resolve this on my behalf they telephoned me this evening to say I could be waiting up to 18 weeks for an appointment from last May this could make it nearly a year to see a consultant so I wandered what others would do in my place? Thank you

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Does it have to be that particular hospital ? I wanted to return to see the specialist at Salford Royal where I had my op but the long waiting list means I've opted for a different hospital where I have an appointment in a month's time.


Dear Cat Thank you for your reply. The reason I am keen to go to Pinderfields , hospital Wakefield is that it has a very good reputation for neurology it used to be one of the best in the country and it is not too far from home. Unfortunately local services for neurology are poor to none existant so I feel more confidant I will get better treatment any ideas keep them coming all the best.


If you have now been told that you have to wait up to 18 weeks that is the waiting time from receiving a referral. Can only assume that they are of the stance that did not receive the original referral?? If you have been seen before and it a review/follow up apt then I don't think the waiting time applies as it is assessed on urgency against all the others waiting for another apt.


I had a similar thing when I tried to get in to see Prof Marcos Hadjivassiliou the gluten disorders specialist in Sheffield. In the end having been told it would be at least a year the gluten question resolved itself - I deteriorated whilst maintaining a strict GF diet - but I hung onto to that place in his listing because when at that point I enquired about going elsewhere I was told I would have to give that place up and start at the bottom of someobe else's list...,and whilst it might not be a year, it could easily be 6 -9 months.

Anyway as it happens, dont know if there was a cancellation or what but I got in to see Prof H after 6 months. It wasn't gluten - but he is a much more thorough neuro than the guy I had seen previously: hence he spotted the 8mm annie the other guy had missed!

Ring the dept and speak to the secretary; let them know you will take cancellations at short notice. But don't start the waiting game with someone else....better wait a year to see someone who is good than get popped in to your local bod in a few months and have them miss something blindingly obvious, as happened to me.


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