when it rains it pours

hello all,

as some of you know I went to Thailand for 4 months for my health,

Had a great time my health improved it was for the most part peace and love,

and then I came home ,

to family problems, my friend in Thailand died just after I came back,

and then to top it all I got appendici'tis the worst one you could ever get i was in severe pain had two GP's

to my house who said they did not think I had it despite been in severe pain with all the classic syptoms

so I dialled 999 good job I did , the surgeon at the hospital asked me a couple of questions felt the area and said I had appendici'tis I said two doctors said otherwise he replied see this cap if you have not got it I will eat it,

I did not know this at the time but he booked the theatre there and then, so of we went for a ct scan

the consultant and nurses surgeons came to see me Dr garner consultant said we need to get me in theatre asap before the ct scan came, he said to the surgeon book the theatre now he replied already done it over two hours before , next thing I was being rushed into theatre did not even get chance to say hello to the theatre staff oxygen mask on all I heard was check this check that GO , next thing I woke up on the ward the next morning, surgeon came to see me he said I had been extremely lucky it was the worst he ever had and was keeping me in hospital for longer than normal I came out after 7 days,

the staff doctors surgeons were fantastic but the food was S##*?T,

then to top it all again I had 80£ stolen out of my pocket this really hurt me not the money but the fact

that a member of staff could do this I was in a room on my own I am sure it was taken at night,


but the one person I feel sorry for is Sister Kath she has to look at her staff and wonder which one is the THIEF, anyway I am on the mend and am back to Thailand next week to sort out my friends affairs as his daughter cannot do it taking my laptop and Hudl this time so will be able to keep up with things,

take care all love you xxxxxxxx , john

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Oofh really has rained! sorry to hear.


yes pal events like this all together is not what we want , we have enough on our plate to cope with daily without any more, lots of love xxxxxxx, john


What a painful business for you John ; both the death of your friend and the appendicitis. I was lucky enough to have mine removed, without knowing, many years ago. I had an op for a burst ovarian cyst and the surgeon announced afterwards that he thought he 'might as well' remove my appendix whilst he was in that area !

Sorry your return to Thailand will be a sad one on this occasion but please do stay in touch. Despite the unpleasant circumstances, it's lovely seeing your name appear once again.

What a shame though about the money ; theft from a patient is particularly cowardly. Glad you've got rid of that silly, useless organ though................not what you'd call 'intelligent design' is it.

Safe journey John. xx


thank you cat3 but that useless organ kills I was lucky, and yes theft from a patient is cowardly I would say something a lot stronger but I would not be allowed here, but if that is the price for my life cheap as chips which is my way in dealing and putting that to rest, lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxx , john


Yes it certainly poured for you. My mum says troubles always comes in threes. Appendicitis is a dangerous infection to leave. Great surgeon took notice of your symptoms, I wish you a speedy recovery.

I am sorry to hear the loss of your friend.

Take care

s x


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