Sore ears after flight

Hi all looking for advise. Feeling stupid for asking. Being paranoid after a ruptured aneurysm last year I took my first flight over a week ago and have been plagued with a water feeling ear. My ears seemed okay when I first arrived back but after 4 days my ear feels like it keeps popping and as if it is full of water. I have tried all the normal ways of popping my ears but it is okay for 5/10 minutes then my hearing fails and the watery feeling comes back. I have no pain and no discharge from it but it is annoying. Feel like if I go to the doctor again he will just brush me off. Any advise would be appreciated.

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  • if youre worried you should get checked,just to be sure youre fine!

  • Many of us have a rotten deal with GPs 'brushing us off'. But they have a duty of care and an obligation to investigate symptoms.

    If your ear symptom continues you should go back to your doctor, who will do the necessary checks. He/she might have come across this issue before and have an innocent explanation.

    But if the problem persists, you're entitled to see an ENT practitioner for more intensive tests, so don't be afraid to ask if/when the time comes.

    I hope you get some help soon for this Poppy ; problems such as this, although not necessarily serious, can be very annoying and upsetting.

    Regards Cat x

  • Hi. I agree with the other comments here. It may be nothing but you should definitely get it checked out. I think normally this sort of feeling is associated with a pressure somewhere in your head. I have an AVM - fairly similar to an Aneurysm I think - and Hydrocephalus. I get the feeling/noise you are referring to when my Shunt is blocked.

  • Hiya, I have no advise on your condition but I just wanted to say please never feel stupid for asking questions cos U will always get some good advise & anyone who has knowledge that reads the post will be more than happy to share or at least make sugestions of what to do if they haven't Xxx

  • Thankyou all. I am just home from the brain injury clinic after my weekly session and they have also advised to speak to my gp. I have called him and just need to wait for a call back. Once again thankyou. Knowing this site is here give me some reassurance to know my questions are not a waste of time

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