Me again sorry!

Will stop going on about this soon promise but those wrestling with i-player may be glad to hear that my radio programme is now available as a download mps3 from the radio 4 documentary of the week site. Click the link below choose 'my head' then right click "download mp3" and choose save link. you will be able to download the programme and listen to it through any ipod or similar. bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02sgk0l

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Thanks for posting, Skipper.I did manage to access this via your original link and it was going really well until fatigue overtook me and I dozed off ,missing the last bit !

Bad idea for me to try so late at night but I couldn't wait to listen ! As the saying goes ' It's not you, it's me' ! !

So apologies and I will tune in again when I can be fully 'with it' and give feedback : )

Kind regards, Angela x


Very interesting piece, thank you for sharing


Hi James,

I am so sorry for the loss of your wife.Thank goodness your children were not badly hurt.

I think I may remember you from a short film interview you previously posted ? I think you wore an eye patch during this so the photo without it on the radio picture fooled my recognition : )

You have done remarkably well,coming through such a severe accident and worked hard to regain your level of functionality.

Some points I have picked up on and jotted down during your discussion :

Head or 'thought' fatigue.So many of us seem to have this.I could easily understand physical fatigue,especially with spasticity but the head fatigue was a new and strange concept for me and took some getting used to.Glad you covered this.

Realistic goals.I have found this very important in accepting that you may not get back 100 % of ability but there are often methods and adaptations to make tasks easier.Work with what you have rather than regret the abilities lost : )

The 2 year limit.I have heard this so often.I am 2 1/2 years post ABI and although I seemed to plateau out at 6 months with only a small physical upgrade at a year and a half I remain hopeful that I may continue to improve, however slowly.I am a big believer in Neuroplasticity .The correlation between high level of education and greater recovery is an interesting concept-not highly educated myself but have always had a curious mind and thirst for knowledge.One of the reasons I love the internet- it is like a library at your fingertips : )

Many thanks for posting and making your discussion accessible to all.

Wishing you all the best for continued improvement and hoping you can keep making these great educational programmes : )

Kindest regards, Angela x


Top programme, well done :)