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So excited that my radio programme has been shortlisted for a prize, just had to share the news with you lovely people!

The Royal Society radio prize is given by the Association of British Science Writers and recognises great science broadcast. Very proud to be down to the final 3. if you haven't caught it you can still listen online here



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Hi James,

Well done :)

It's great to read such positive news and that you're doing so well, what an achievement!

Let us know the outcome - very exciting for you.

Good luck :)


Just had another listen James. It's so comprehensive that it stands 2 or 3 hearings. Still fascinating hearing about the fact that limited follow up prevents clinicians from seeing improvements over longer periods. And the electrical stimulation trials are a really exciting prospect !

It's true that meeting the staff responsible for our salvation is incredibly reassuring. My surgery or 'rescue' wasn't anywhere near as dramatic as yours, but personal survival is relative isn't it, and I found it really moving having the actual surgeon showing me the 'before & after' scans of my brain, then being hugged and welcomed by the ICU staff.

And I've often thought about your double challenge of recovery from a serious brain injury and the tragic loss of your wife.

I'm happy for you James ; all your presentations are so accessible and delivered with a hint of humour. You deserve any/every accolade going for such interesting (& nicely edited) material.

Keep educating the masses James ; you're such a natural. Cat x

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Thanks Cat.


James Massive round of applause for you with added whoops and cheers .🙌

You deserve it.

Love n hugs


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Thanks for kind words. My latest video is me on the toilet. not strictly a bi video this time but might be of interest.

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Well done James. Good listen.


There used to be a tv presenter, Gillian somebody, who dealt exclusively with the issue of poo. She was rather maligned, which was a shame because she was trying to educate viewers in an important everyday health issue.

Thanks again James for another succinct little gem !


Just listened through this great radio piece... Massive congratulations. Just about to send it to my son whose Tbi was in November 2013. Good luck! X


Hi James, Excellent.

If I had been able to listen to your talks earlier then things would have made so much more sense.

Maybe said this to you already!

Good Luck. K


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