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Looking for advice

I am quite ill and as I have sadly found out these things tend to Snowball. A quick outline I have BI, Type 2 diabetes. Osteoarthritis in my knees. Liver cirrhosis. Now I have numbness in my feet due to the diabetes (So I am told by the medical profession) Now for about the last 2 weeks my feet have become quite painful on the soles this is down to me not resting them but I am fiercely independent and I do not want to become a Couch potato just yet. But recently my legs have become very heavy. It for a better word feels like my legs have been filled with Concrete. I am struggling to get up the stairs, it was bad enough before but now it is really becoming a issue for me. I try to go for walks and even before Wimpey, Redrow or Baratts sneaked into my home at night shuttered my legs and filled them with Concrete( I still have my sense of humour) I often used to have to phone family of friends to come and pick me up as I could not walk any further now I won't attempt to venture out. I have made a appointment to see my GP about this. But the earliest date is April 16th. Thank you Mr Cameron "The NHS is safe in our [removed by admin] hands" How the Hell anybody votes for them unless you a stinking rich parasite/Banker etc is beyond me actually anyone struggling on a slave wage or zero hours contract and votes for these self centered a*rseholes should be sectioned. RANT OVER. If anybody has any idea or advice they could offer me I would be most appreciated.

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My number one question has to be 'what are your blood sugar levels'. I've lived with diabetes most of my life (husband and children have type 1, one also recovering from brain injury, ran Type 2 projects abroad) and if your blood sugar is too high you're going to feel pretty awful. Think you might need to address this first.


Sorry... My reply sounds a bit simplistic, like that will solve all of your problems - I just mean i think you have to address your blood sugar levels as part of your investigation.


Hi Jimboriley

Sorry to hear that you are feeling so ill and are struggling with lots of physical limitations. Do you have a health check with the Diabetic Team at a hospital or is it just within a GP surgery? I am thinking you need to be given an MOT by a diabetic specialist team as clearly you are experiencing lots of problems that can be linked to the diabetes but the way to manage them needs to be reassessed perhaps. It is difficult to do what is best for each symptom as sometimes they require the opposite approach eg resting because of the neuropathic pains in your feet would be contrary to the exercise you need for heart health and circulation. I am wondering if the 'concrete' heavy and immovable legs is because you have oedema (excess fluid) in your legs because of your limited mobility and they are very swollen?? Is it possible you could get exercise by going swimming as you would then be non weight bearing in the water and could exercise all your limbs even if you can't swim?

By what you describe in your post it sounds to me that you need to be asking your GP to refer you to a diabetic specialist if you are not already under one and if you are to get your GP to request an earlier apt. Like Elkay I am wondering if your blood sugar levels are mostly within the good control levels or whether your type 2 has progressed to type 1 now to enable better control and to slow down the progression of symtoms.

Best wishes


You mention having osteoarthritis of the knees; do you have it elsewhere? The reason I ask is that "concrete legs" feeling sounds similar to what I get because of spinal compression ... I'd also liken the feeling to carrying some of that concrete in my rucksack.

I've also got Type 2, but I've also got the MRIs that show osteoarthritis in the neck and lower spine to be the culprits in my case.

(Sadly, Type 2 nerve damage is also a possibility given that is said to be the cause of your foot numbness. OTOH, on a Bad Spine Day I can lose all sensation as well. As an engineer I find the nervous system fault tree rather fascinating - as a Victim, rather less so!)

Just to add some "political" balance, I've rarely had a problem getting a Doctor's appointment. My old surgery in Surrey were quite accommodating if you explained what your problem was, and usually managed to find a 5 minute slot somewhere in the next day or two, or fit you in at the end of the day. They also had one doctor (on a rota basis) running a daily "first-come, first-served" clinic. My new Scottish surgery is just as accommodating.


Hello Jim... loved the picture... needed a smile!

I'm not good on advice of this sort, not being medically qualified, but a check up would not go amiss.

I definitely understand the heavy legs feeling, although don't have your other conditions, somedays I can walk ok others I shuffle round the house. Its a devil isn't it?

Let's know how you go on, and sending you best wishes.



Thanks Foggydew Love the username. My other conditions have just Snowballed since March 2013. Started with bleeding Varices after 3rd episode within 6 weeks was ended in a coma. Suffered BI due to Oxygen deficiency short term memory problems and bouts of confusion. Will never work again which is hard to handle. Driving Licence revoked due th Health. The diabetes type 2. The list is endless


Hi Jim,there can be so many causes of heaviness in the legs-circulation,neuro related fatigue,chemical imbalance etc.If there is no swelling , intense pain or numbness and they are warm then I guess it is unlikely to be a circulation issue.My personal experience with heaviness is due to spasticity symptoms.Hoping your appointment goes well, Angela x


hi again Jim, varices is a very unpleasant condition, I'm so sorry to hear that.

Yeah I haven't driven for a good few years now, really miss it, loss of independence and so on. I haven't worked for many years now and had a very challenging job which I miss. ( Sometimes ha ha!)

It's learning to live around the conditions and not let them rule you... easier said than done I know.. .... I used to feel as though someone had nicked my real body during the night.

But ... nope... its mine!

Take care you and everyone, Foggy x


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