Just passed my Spanish exam at A2 level which Wikipedia says "Can describe in simple terms aspects of his/her background, Can communicate in simple and routine tasks, Can understand sentences and frequently used expressions". This was a 3 month course with a tiring 4 hour lesson once a week and of course it helps to live in Spain (even if they speak Catalunyan here). Next step: Los Angeles para practicar mi latino Espanol.

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  • Well done j. Learning a new language is a taxing business under normal circumstances so this is an achievement to be proud of. Good luck with your ongoing studies ; it might get more complicated the further along you go but when it all begins to 'slot' into place it'll be just the best feeling. :-/

  • Oh well done that's really good! (I am hopeless at languages!)

    Good luck with your next venture! 😉😀

  • Very well done. What a good sense of achievement this has deservedly given you. It good to hear positive outcomes on here.

  • Buena suerte. Yo aprendi mi espanol (antes herido) en parte de peliculas y la musica. Mi sugerencia es el disco 'Javier Alvarez'. I've found learning my problems learning new words, whether foreign or native, have me definitely in the Special Needs camp. Keep pushing, it's a lovely language. Thanks for the excuse to use mine (well out of practice!); hopefully it'll give you an excuse to get the Easy Learning dictionary out. Little bits here and there soon add up :-)

  • Congrats on your achievement... I found the more you use the language, the easier it gets...

    I used to speak fairly fluent Spanish (my mother lived in Spain for many years and spent a lot of time there, far way from tourist areas) but have lost a lot of it now (oddly have retained some of the more entertaining and less useful parts LOL) ...it is a beautiful language and lots of fun. I was so pleased the day it all fell into place... nd I always fund native speakers laughed with rather than at me if and when I made mistakes.

    LA to practice? How about South America?

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